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    Nature fury so sudden and unplanned

    Just now nature's fury is at its worst when the glacier burst In Uttarakhand could have taken the lives of more than 150 people and when nature wants to take revenge it is always unplanned and so sudden. Our thoughts are with those who must have gone through the ordeal of the glacier burst and we can understand the people who live near the mountains and their lives are in peril. Why nature is so cruel to those who are innocent and done nothing wrong to nature and yet has to face the death the innocent way.
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    Nature is having a lot of patience. It will never try to harm any individual. It is having will receive fra lof patience. It will never worry about abuses it received from humankind but in return, it will help them. But when some of us never think that we are abusing mother earth. Once we go beyond a certain limit we start getting all these problems. Even a cat will try to revolt when people are trying to beat it by locking in 4 walls. In the same way, when we are making the mother earth as a place to live on, we should also behave very nicely with the earth. Otherwise, nature can show its fury and say what is its power to us. So one should never underestimate the power of nature and should behave
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    Uttarakhand state is mainly a hilly terrain one side bounded by Himalayan range and then other side coming down through the hills and valleys to plains below. There are many towns and cities located in valleys and hundreds of villages in between in extreme geographical conditions. Whenever we move northwards towards Himalayas we meet snow line above which snow is present throughout the year. More we go above we meet mighty and big glaciers which are nothing but frozen snow valleys and anytime they can break due to their own weight and can slide down melting away and creating large amount of water. When this happens during heavy rain and snowfall then sometimes an avalanche of snow and water moves downwards breaking the soil around rivers as rivers swell and that is disastrous for the villages on the sides of rivers. It is not easy to tame these havocs with a few small dams and it would require a bigger dam management where a large number of dams would be required to control the avalanche well ahead. It is a difficult task in that type of terrain.
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    It was horrible to see the angry face to Ganges. It's so sad that 150 people are missing and I don't think they might be alive. I think many more people may be missing . Many lives may have been lost . We need to learn a lesson and should not let the nature disturbed by our deeds.

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    Though we know the natures route then why big projects planned on the way of water flows?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Glaciers in Uttrakhand have caused the big disaster. How many people have been killed in this flood can not be said, however, hundreds of people are expected to be killed in this natural calamity. Uttarakhand is prone to natural calamities, almost every year this state experiences flood, landslides incidences. Government has to take preemptive measures to protect lives and loss of properties.
    This recent calamity has shattered soul. Images of disaster are horrible.

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    This is a very sad incident in which many families have lost a lot. After all, how long will Nature keep telling us that by tampering with Nature, there is a huge loss of the human race but people do not understand? The biggest sorrow is that this messing with nature is something else and innocent people have to compensate for it. Even after many rules, the government itself and big industrialists break these rules and play with nature. Continuous excavation in mountainous areas like Uttarakhand is an example of this, that it is not only for the interest of the general public but only by pacifying the greed of their money.
    It is also true that some incidents are completely natural and there is no fault of mankind in them, but even then many big events can be avoided if humans do not promote their greed. It is not fair to do this with nature in the name of development and employment.

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    The Himalayan range and its foothills are prone to disasters created by sliding of big ice sheets and ice and water flowing down. Generally these are the big glaciers sitting in the hill valleys and during mountaineering people often fall in that trap of loose ice sheets which give way on pressure of the weight of the human bodies moving and going walking on them. Once huge sheets of ice start melting and moving down the avalanche is created.
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