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    Fight for justice escapism is not a solution

    The parasite of injustice gallops many in this wicked world. Some don't get justice because they fear majority parasite, some evade to raise their voices due to political pressure or some fear for life and in the process justice dies it's own death! Many injustices have compelled people to take up the wrong path, therefore, met the disastrous end. Many languishing in different jails across the world waiting to see the dawn of justice.

    Although it is difficult for many to stay strong and fight for justice, it is worthy to fight for it than face injustice and do nothing. Stand up for all injustices and offences before you face more humiliation. Don't run away, escapism is not the solution. Brave them without fear and snatch justice that has been snatched from you!
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    There has been conflict of interest between the rule and the action thereof which affects the larger section that may be satisfied or feel injustice. While fight for justice is the happening thing even the people would support if the cause was genuine and feel that justice needs to be done. But there are vested interest which try to deny the benefits new rules and laws that are going to applicable to larger section and thus few of the injustice seekers take a ride on the majority which should not happen and law must be vigil to keep aside such persons and organizations working against the interest of the society.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The scholars and experts in this area believe that the root cause of the injustice is bad governance and corruption. When people can manage things by bribing the authorities and authorities are also pressurising the public to grease their hands often then it becomes very difficult to seek justice or even think about it. The innocents suffer in such a environment and many countries in the world are examples of this. Whenever the ruling regime in any country is hand in gloves with the notorious, criminal, terrorist, and anti-national elements, then the question of injustice is simply forgotten and the political ambitions come on the forefront. A common man cannot expect any help in such a situation and it is unfortunate that the innocents are suffering at places in the jails in many countries. An influential person will get bail in hours while a common person would never get it. The world is a cruel place.
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