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    It's time to remove the word "Special" from all trains

    With every single passing day, we are seeing that the trains that were previously run before the lockdown are being run as "Special trains". One really does not know why we should call the normal trains as "special trains", particularly in areas where the virus is almost zero in terms of fresh cases.

    Furthermore, the hapless senior citizens, who need to travel by trains, do not have any consesseion given to them. This is atrocious. We need to have all the trains restored to their original timings and also as normal trains. With due concession for the senior citizens. The Modi Government has already robbed the middle class, left, right and center with petrol selling at Rs. 90 plus per litre. We will soon pay perhaps Rs110 per litre.

    Let us have "normal trains" immediately.
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    In hotels a normal dosa named with special will be charged more. Similarly the name train added with 'special' is to charge more and to remove the concession provided for children and senior citizens.

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    I think the author is correct. Now all activities started. Long-distance buses also started running. Cinema Halls, local trains and all other activities are going on normally. So Railways should start running all trains with their original names and they should not be called Special anymore. Still, people are not using trains fully and many trains are running with fewer people. But, it will improve now and people will start travelling y trains also. Let the government start some trains at least as normal trains. That will help people to travel by paying normal charges.
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    The author is right and his opinion can be justified too. When there is no fear of coronavirus and the proof is that market, cinema hall, marriage function, political rallies, colleges etc are back on track. Why trains are running as special trains. I think all routes trains should be opened for normal trains. Lower class people are not able to travel on special trains because of increased - fare.
    I have also heard that Indian railways will be privatised soon, so passenger or similar trains are not going to be helpful for people, as they

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    The author is right and wrong. We need to think about the situation. Railways was at a great loss by not running the trains for many months. And now the trains are running with reduced seats to maintain social distancing. Hence they are called as special trains. The railways need to make up their loss due to the pandemic and lock down. This may go on for the next few months, and would get back to normal. We have not travelled for many months. Hence, I feel it is not a big loss to the public. Remember, the government is of the people, for the people and by the people.
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    Among the Ministries which faced the heavy loss during the pandemic and now Railways are one of them and though the freight trains are doing very well with three haul capacities the department yet to come into terms with the normal living procedures and thus to avoid criticism some trains are introduced in the name of special which gives expressed meaning that concessions would be off and they can be withdrawn at any time. Railways may be ready to come back to normal but the people are still having the apprehensions as the normal rush at various reservation counters seems to be less. Even the trains coming from North to South are plying empty and thus forced the Railway to go slow on trains. But India needs to get new confidence and we must leave the fear of corona and Railways must ensure full running of trains.
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    I think after reviewing the corona virus situation and other important points in the matter Railway would soon try to return to its old glory but it will not be done in one day. One factor is that the corona virus effect should fade away more because it is contained only in India and some other countries and there are some countries where in is re-emerging and people from that place can come here anytime and things can get again difficult for us to contain the infection if it picks up due to the international traffic between the countries. So, it is not as simple as it is being seen by the common public that everything is to be restored to its previous status. It is good that the virus is getting contained in our country and people should be happy about it but we have to take this situation very cautiously for planning the future activities and any lapse or impatient action will spoil all the efforts done so far.
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