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    Be like a friend with children

    Our children need our love and affections and not our over powering and over controlling attitude on them. Children are more sensitive to issues concerning their wants and needs and they need to ask the parents and who else. Not understanding this some parents gets frustrated and try to tame the children which has the bad effects on their behavior. Children also listen to us if we chose the friendly behavior attitude and they also feel like adjusting with us. And as a parent we are going have close bonding if we chose the friendly way of living.
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    Sweet words are sweet to ears. Live and affection leave deep impact on mind. Children are very soft hearted. They want special care and attention. They learn what they see and aura created around them is effective and vital to impact. If you notice that they are involved in bad manners, then parents should ponder what manners they exhibit before their children or who are people their children spend their time with. Parents are obliged to mend their ways. We never teach a mother-tongue to a kid but it learns quite naturally, likewise a child keeps on learning manners, values and recognises his relations with other people. Affection and love make children closer to us. So as the author has suggested that parents should have friendly relation with them. It may be said in other words that parents should spend their time with them and should infuse all good sentiments into their mind with sweet words.

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    True, Mohan. We should be good and soft with the children. Then they will care for you. More than a friend we should be a good mentor. We should tell them in a friendly manner which is good and which is bad. We should tell them the stories from epics which will teach them about the good and bad aspects of life. As they grow bigger we should start behaving with them as friends but we should not dictate the terms and conditions to them. If necessary we should tell them what is good and bad and leave there. The decision should be taken y them. Then they will also try to understand the facts and behave in a proper manner. Instead of that if we go on telling them, they will start ignoring you and finally, they never care for us. So we should change our way of working with the children as they grow.
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    Children are like flowers- soft and smooth, spreading fragrance all around through their beautiful chirpings. They become what parent would like them to be through proper guidance. Children are sensitive, we need to be careful in teaching them different life lessons. If we stretch them little hard, the possibility is that would diverge from the intended path.
    Children are hope and support to parents. They will care for parents only when they are taught better things through proper guidance. Parents should always take care of their children and try to be as friendly as possible.

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    Good nurturing, friendly behavior make way for the lasting relations between the children and parents.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Children are the most loveable beings in our houses and everyone bestows love and care on them. It is all true and should be adhered to. But there goes an old saying - spare the rod and spoil the child. Which means that though love, affection, and care is to be given to them but at the same time they should not be brought up in an indisciplined and disorderly atmosphere. Children should be given facilities as everyone in the house is getting and should be inculcated to learn the ways of life since beginning. It is necessary that they should understand what the dignity of work means and how important the value of the money in our lives and the bread winner in the family is earning it with great difficulties. So giving more facilities to the children than needed would simply spoil them and once they fall in the bad company they will imitate bad things very easily because they have not been nurtured in a proper way where they can distinguish between good and bad.
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    Adamant child need to be controlled with love and affection.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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