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    Will V. K. Sasikala recapture the leadership of the AIADMK political party in Tamil Nadu?

    Will V.K Sasikala, an aide to former chief minister J Jayalalithaa recapture AIADMK political party leadership again in Tamil Nadu. After four years in jail, V.K Sasikala returns to Chennai.
    What will be the next political games in Tamil Nadu politics?
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    Once the name is gone regaining the same is difficult in politics. For Sasikala it is hell of the time she underwent and having associated with the corrupt practices of former CM Jayalalitha she has to undergo the imprisonment and now she is released from jail and that does not mean that she is clean. How she managed MLA's through her clout and how she done the politics before jail is known to all. Therefore TN people are not interested with this women who is dangerous and self centered. In politics good people are needed and no one else.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I think it is very difficult for Sasikala to regain the lost glory of her. I think she will not have any impact on the minds of the voters of Tamilnadu. Her release may be a loss to AIADMK.
    Many people of Tamilnadu are having a good liking for Jayalalitha and many of them believe that Sasikala is responsible for the death of Jayalalitha. That is a negative point for her and she may not have any sympathy from the people.
    Anyhow analysing the minds of the voters is very difficult. Anything may happen in elections. So it is always better to wait and see.

    always confident

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    The members while discussing the politics of Tamil Nadu must remember that both heavy weights of AIADMK and DMK were died and the vacuum cannot be created. though the present govt is doing well there is no charismatic leader to fetch the votes for the party and hence AIADMK need to ally with BJP and there is no entry for the Sasikala in that case. And for DMK there is inner fight between the siblings of Karnanidhi and that will lead to debacle so TN politics is not easy to discuss and predict.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Common people have a short memory and if some influential person returns home after a spell in the jail it is not considered as a blot for whole the life. The followers and supporters will always sing the same old song that the leader was jailed by some people who hatched a plan against her and actually she was not guilty of anything wrong or criminal in nature. This is a very common thing in the political world that even after coming back from the jails people get same respect and support in their political circles as they had it earlier. So, it may look strange but many leaders in the world came to fame only after they had their spell in the jails for whatever reason be there. It will not be a surprise if she takes the remains of the said party in her hands and makes the party powerful once again like earlier times. Politics thrives on the sentiments and dedications of the followers and supporters as that is the crucial part of the political process.
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    Sasikala will try to convince EPS and OPS saying that they should be together without any differences to fight against DMK in the assembly election. I am sure both EPS and OPS budge her directives and prostrate in front of her. AMMK of TTV will merge with AIADMK. I am sure, if Sasikala cannot contest the election, she would make TTV Tinakaran as CM of Tamilnadu. EPS and OPS will be sidelined after the elections. But the chances are less. DMK might rise to power.

    I think that the mass gathered to welcome her return after her jail term could be a planned work of buying people with Bni and Qtr, to prove her popularity. The wealth accumulated by her could have been distributed to buy the people on her first day by her niece. Also, the mass gathering on the roads from Bengaluru to Chennai could be of the people who are curious to see a lady who went to jail and her return after four years, to have a glimpse of that lady. In reality, the whole of Tamilnadu knows the character of this great lady who is greedy and power-thirsty to possess more and more.

    Only the corrupts would love the corrupt.

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