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    What is positive and negative news?

    Am interested in politics to the extent that the course many events take is the main reason for most human conditions. When the State does something good, I would immediately praise it. Am totally against a particular political party, that has a good prsence only in Karnataka, with ambtions of literally wiping away the entire Opposition, with a blatant political agenda,that is basically communal in nature.

    And when the Tamil news of a famous TV channel is on, there will be positive and negative news. I would tend to look at the negative news as "realistic" as it largely points out the major misses in public life. For example, this channel did talk about the unclosed manholes in parts of Chennai city.

    I have a running battle with members of my own family who virtually order me to not watch this news of 30 minutes at all. Of course, the content is localised and is run by a media baron with links to the DMK. Yet, this channel covers Tamil Nadu comprehensively.

    Now the basic question? How can one watch the news to get to see everything that is positive in the society? Like for example, good developmental work done by some group of people?
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    The basic answer: Switch off the TV.
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    What I feel that if the news channels shows the original news and the feed back for the same would become the positive news. There are some channels which report one sided news and does not show the reactions from the affected persons and thus such news channels are tilted towards one side. Gone are the days when the print media was highly trusted and most of the investigations were done by the print media and thus become more famous. But these days the electronic media were very famous with their own feeds and investigation and even the poll analysis are their own and not copied from anyone. In that case there would be every chances of favor showing and thus we are denied of the genuine information from the channel and we are denied of what was really happening on the news matter,
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    There are many developmental activities are taking place around the world. If the newspaper or TV Channel is giving more coverage to such news without any bias towards a political party can be treated as a piece of Positive news. I believe that these channels should give good coverage to such news and cover them. Even though there is some negative news like an accident or a murder or a suicide or a rape, they should be given a little less important and only known facts should be given. This news will leave a negative impression on our minds. So only facts should be given. But unfortunately, no channel follows this pattern. They try to create hype for such news by giving imaginary information to increase their TRP. These actions will have a lot of impact on the general public. To avoid unnecessarily worried it is better not to watch these channels, and as suggested by the Managing Director it is better to switch off the TV.
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