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    The alarming surge in heart attacks is a matter of great concern

    Heart attacks have been increased in Kashmir valley from the last six months and everyday heart attacks are reported from different districts of Kashmir valley. People are concerned about the growing heart attacks in the valley. Doctors are also looking astounding! They have been suggesting a few tips on different social media platforms to prevent rising heart attacks in the valley.
    Experts say the growing tension in Kashmir valley which has remained a conflict zone for many decades and oppressive tactics to muscle the population and growing unemployment in the valley as reasons for sudden cardiac arrest. This a grave rising health issue and cause if a great concern. I only hope for the best and May almighty prevent us from sudden cardiac arrest.
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    What I feel that heart attack not only confined to Kashmir but also spread across the country and that is due to people concealing Covid disease and keeping mingling with others and not taking treatment. There was a report that one out five members across the country has been affected by the Covid during mid December and that proves that even in Kashmir the heart attacks were more and rising. What ever may be the reason the heart attacks need to be controlled and contained and the ICMR must do the detailed study in Kashmir valley as to what could be the reason for rising heart attacks. We want Kashmir to be on par with development and the people should remain happy without any nagging disease or deaths and super specificity doctors must be made available by the center to have full coverage of all people.
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    It is very heartening to know that many people are demising due to heart attacks. For heart attack, there may be many reasons. Getting pressurised and living in tension may be one of the reasons but not the only reason. As mentioned some people who suffered from COVD19 also suffered a heart attack and died. The fear of death due to COVID might result in a heart attack. Anyhow the reasons for the increase is to be known and necessary actions should be taken so that the seriousness will come down and deaths will also come down.
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    This is a matter of great concern for the people of the valley. Generally, people residing in hilly areas don't have this disease because of the climate, fresh air, going up and coming down is also a good exercise, fruits are also available on cheap rates (apples are suggested by doctors to stay away from heart disease). The author might have good knowledge about it.

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    As per the national statistical data available at many places in the internet and news channels the heart related problems and deaths caused by it are more prevalent in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and J & K. There could be different reasons for that ranging from the food habits to stress conditions and the problem is found in other states also but not as prominent as in these states. In general, the problem of heart disease is increased worldwide mainly due to the changing food habits and adulteration in our food items. There is a big role of pesticides and chemical also which are entering our food stream through crop cycles. It is the reason that organic foods are being advised nowadays but being costly they are not the cup of tea for everyone in our country. It is also said that a good food habit accompanied with basic exercise routine can keep this danger at a bay but again a there are many factors for onsetting of a disease and it a matter to be explored by the scientists and medical persons as many research are going in this area.
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    Heart attack is a great concern all over the Globe. Be a patient of this category I know the situation very much. The main reason behind it, is Stress and lifestyle. Due to these Blood pressure, Sugar and cholesterol level increases and lead to blockage in the vein resulting attack. The effect of this disease is long lasting on the body of the patient as well as on the family as a whole. Many of them died during attack and those who survive suffer through out the year with bearing this deadly disease along with their family. There are a small portion of patient who recover completely and continue to the main steam of normal life. Now a day all related ailment are easily available in the society and anyone can be affected. So every body should take precautionary measures to avoid this disease by regular exercise, maintaining conventional life style, dieting etc. Thanks.
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    In our modern lives we have faulty food habits and we take many food items which are very oily and contain fat. The medical experts believe that this is the main cause of heart diseases and clogging of artilleries in us which is the main cause of heart attack. Drastic change in food habits and a good exercise regime are the main two factors which are supposed to help in this condition.
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