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    Sudden absentism by one employee have impact on others works

    In private companies every employee is given the task of certain work to which they are responsible and pass on the baton of progressive work to the next level of production. Though the company rules stipulates that a employee need to tell the availing of leave in advance no matter it was for one day. But employees would take liberty and take the leave without even informing any body and keeping their mobile shut. A wise employee must make arrangement of all the things pending or need to be contacted during his leave.
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    I don't think that management will tolerate absence of any employee without prior information or getting leave sanctioned. In private sector, especially, in limited company this habit of any employee is not tolerable. When company is giving earn leave, medical leave and casual leave then what is the point of going absent from duty without any permission from management or senior?

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    If an employee is absenting himself without any prior notice frequently, the same act of indiscipline is being taken seriously and such attitudes are viewed seriously from the management angle. The management would not like to burden the existing staffs with the extra workload to be carried out by the erring staff. If the staffs are sufficient in number in General Shift, the job might be alloted to any one of such staffs. They may accept the same with the anticipation of getting promotion somewhat earlier with such executions.

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    He may not be regular absent but one day sudden leave would affect the other works.
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    Many workers or employees in private or Govt sector have a habit of not informing the management about their unplanned leave even for a day and they feel that what is there in telling it in advance. Let the management get that work done by other employee and that should not be a big issue. They do not consider it as indiscipline. When they are punished for that then they start telling so many excuses and reasons for not informing. Today it is difficult to make excuses because one is always online in WhatsApp and with a click one can inform the management or some colleague who will pass on this information to the boss as soon as the office opens. So people take it casually and feel big in doing such small notorious things that what is there in this and why to bother for such a small thing. Human psychology is very strange. They will be very modest in some serious matter, where they should have taken a stand and would be very shrewd somewhere, where it is at all not required.
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    Many times we face such a situation. Absenteeism is one serious problem in the industry. A general person who is not having any specialised skill is absent also there may not be much problem. But when a skilled worker is absent on a particular day where there is a work to be carried out on that day, we will feel the pinch. Some workers do this intentionally to show their importance. That is why I used to keep some reserve pool employees. They will be trained in almost all the operations and when a person from a particular shop is absent a worker from this pool will be sent to work there. This is a very common practice in many industries. Every employee will have some leaves. So based on the number of workers employed and their eligible leaves we will decide how many extra people should be there will be decided and keep the necessary numbers and train them in different areas so that they will fill the gap wherever necessary. Otherwise, we will be facing this problem many times in industries where the production requires huge manpower.
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    Some emergencies can occur when some employees have to do so that they need sudden leave, but if seen as normal, the team manager already keeps the leave planning of the members of his team. But whenever a member suddenly has to go on leave and if he has not completed his work then the support of the team becomes necessary. Before going to honest employee leave, all your work should be done to such an extent that in its absence the other people will not face problems and the workload does not increase for them.

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    Total works procedures of any Factory Or Office is design in such a way that the task can completed smoothly. All are distributed on the basis of Delegation of power(DOP) amoung Employees and Management. In case of Team works team leader distributed the task accordingly. If any body goes on leave the pre determined alternative employee will look after the particular assigned Jobs. Hence there should not be any difficulties. But due to emergency sick, an employee can avail that leave but immediately sick report to be submitted to office so that office can take corrective measures. If any employee wilfully absenting without communication, he should be issued show cause notice immediately after joining. And necessary disciplinary action should be taken so that no other employee can repeat this. I am fully agreed with the author.
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