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    Tv artists lacks to perform when asked live.

    We are all fans of many television artistes be it Hindi, Tamil or Telugu serials. They emote very well and left a stamp of their recognition in every serial and thus without them watching those serials would be waste and not connected. But the same artistes are called for the live performances in reality shows in which they fail because they are not having knowledge on reasoning, general knowledge and even politics and thus become the laughing stock in front of their die hard fans when they are exposed of nil knowledge.
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    The author seems to be a fan of TV serials and actors and also watch reality shows. I don't know much about this topic. In tv serials all what they show is scripted, they have to play their role before camera whereas live performance is the real performance and an opportunity to perform without any cut.

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    During the shooting of a programme whether it is a TV serial or a movie or a short film there is a lot of action on the sets and each scene is repeated many times till the director is happy with the results obtained. So, it takes time in shooting and sometimes the sequences are repeated umpteen number of times which simply irritate the actor and staff as it culminates in a tiring process. Sometimes the stress is too much and shooting gets postponed for the next day. What we see on our screens is the final result after so much sweat has gone down their cheeks. Now, the same artists when are called for a live show will not have any editing element and will perform in their natural flow which might not be as impressive as that which we have seen in the screen. Shooting results which are too much edited through take and retakes will definitely have an edge over the live shows. I think this is expected.
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    I an talking about general knowledge which is nil.
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    To act before the audience is very difficult. That is why many actors say acting on a stage before many audiences are very difficult. There will not be any cuts and retakes also are not possible. So they have to practice the action and the dialogues many times and then only they can perform on the stage. Many people will have stage fear.
    In TV shows you will have some audience who will be observing you and with that, they may get some stage fear and hence they may not be able to act well. In Live shows, there are no chances for editing and retakes. They require a lot of skill.
    Coming to the subject of general knowledge, the level of understanding will vary from person to person and we can't expect the same performance from all the actors. Some may have a good understanding of the subject and some may not have. We can't generalise the issue and make a common statement.

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    Is GK an essential requirement for an actor? No. An actor is expected to deliver the written dialogue with body and facial movement and expression. They should listen to their directors and satisfy him. That's all. They need not have any IQ and GK. If they have it, we would appreciate them. Many actors may not be knowing who is the President and Prime Minister of India.

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    Performing in a studio is very much different than that of the performing live in a crowd. In studio environment, one has to perform under the supervision of a director and other staff and has to yield the best performance even if the artist has to perform it repeated number of times until the director is satisfied with it. So, it is natural that there will be difference between the studio and extempore performances.
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