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    Niche content prefers to interested content

    I think that above title may confuse the readers of this thread. Now, come to clear glance, we are writing the content of different categories in this forum section. To get more views and impressions for the written thread, it is mandatory to write the content of public interest and not for your sake. How can it be possible? It is possible by referring the information on internet. Is it enough to have more page views? No, because style of using language is placed important role in getting more page views. Are you accept with my words relating page views and impressions?
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    Author has raised an interesting issue. How to increase the viewership to the content? How to make the content interesting? How to make the content conforming to a niche content? These are the questions baffling the bloggers and authors in the internet and has become a hot matter of debate and discussions. Whenever I go to a site where people contribute articles then I find many times a query like that where new writers ask a question - How can I get more views to my article? Unfortunately the answer to this question is not straight forward because internet is full of same information at thousands of places and the visitor or surfer is free to choose the information from wherever he likes to unearth it. How can I presume that they will be coming only to my page to get that.

    So in my view, if the content in a site is of high quality and it is presented in a structured way to be easily accessed by the user and there is a logical flow between the pages and also ease of navigation from one section to another and come back to the main page then only the user may come back to the site next time and that is the way how the good content would become a niche content and site would come up in the search engine results. There are many other considerations also but this is a prominent one.

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    This is very interesting post created by the author and it is the fact that writing a content has to go through various parameters of acceptance to the site, understandable to the members to respond and over all useful to the net user who happens to glance at the content. For this there cannot be training or tutorial as one has inculcate this niche for writing over the period of time which proves that profess in writing has gone up with good acceptance of the content by the members through their replies. A good content is easily identified by search engines and thus indexed as the top content of the day.
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    Content writing on any forum or sharing some information on social media has some objectives which the person has envisaged before sharing his content. It is very much possible that a person intends to have a large readership or viewership for his content writing. He aims at some particular section of the readers or viewers. If his content is good and attractive which snatches their attention to stick to his posts or uploaded stuff.
    Now you may see what he intended it began to be materialised. Gradually, his presentation or writing skills are acknowledged and endorsed by a growing number of people. These content writers aim at earning money from the internet. Eventually, they begin to receive monetary- output as well.

    Some other people are quite different from them. Their intention has never been to earn money by content writing. They write for their satisfaction or spending some time on the Internet. They enjoy browsing different platforms on social media. They don't think much about people, how many people like to read them and I fall into this category.

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    The subject which is interesting to many people will become more popular on the internet. What is the subject we selected for writing is more important? This subject should be more interesting to other people. You may have some interest in one subject and you may be ready to write something on that subject. But how many people will have an interest in that subject is the point here.
    When we search on the internet we will be getting many items in the search. But how many of them are useful for us. You may click on the page to see what is there in the article. But we don't find it interesting. The question is how many people read your full article with interest.
    I agree with the author that how many page views are there is not important. But how many people cited your article as a reference in their write up is very important.

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    The quality of a content is definitely a prime factor for its acceptance and popularity in the internet. The style and richness of a content distinguishes one author from other and is the main thing that makes a good content.
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