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    Whole work is done but postponed for others not ready

    In a company when the finished product is getting ready from the production line and needs to be dispatched according the orders on hand and when the products are lined up for the ultimate dispatch after quality control check, suddenly the courier which was supposed to take those products does not have the space in the truck or vehicle and thus the products dispatch get delayed for the fault of one mismanagement by the courier services. In this case the entire process of whole work done during the day gone waste.
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    Whether it is a manufacturing production line or a project with sequential elements, even if one link is broken the whole process is affected and delivery is delayed which is a very harmful thing for any business. The essence of good business practices lies in scheduled deliveries and scheduled completion of the projects. That is the reason why at the conceptualisation and planning stage itself we have to foresee these conditions and should have some arrangement for alternatives whenever such bottlenecks are encountered. The big businesses cannot survive in absence of alternative plans and management as stock piling of big inventories significantly affects the bottom line of the profit and loss account of a business. Inventory carrying cost is very high. It makes great business sense to meticulously plan the logistic concerns in a company to combat such eventuality.
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    Logistic is also a part of manufacturing unit and has to be taken care of otherwise the hard work done may get wasted.

    Many times at our place it happens that a part/component gets delayed to receive in the unit due to lack of follow ups by the logistic and ultimately the production gets suffered . Yes supporting departments too have a major role in the manufacturing units .


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    That is why planning is very important. These days Logistics is also an important issue in the industry. In the marketing department, there will be a manager who will take care of logistics. It is his/her duty to arrange correct vehicles for carrying the material so that there will not be any delay. If a company is not able to supply the material in time, this will leave a bad mark on the company. Supplying in time is also a big point in evaluating and rating the vendor. Based on the importance of the despatch and time available the logistics department should arrange the courier as required. Sometimes the vehicles will be organised well in advance and will be waiting for the want of production.
    The management efficiency will be decided based on these arrangements only. The planning should be full and should cover all the aspects involved. A road map is to be made and what is required at what time is to be shown in this road map.

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    If the work is postponed at a stage, then I would say the complete work is not done. If a day's work is waste it is a loss to the organization and the management must think of some alternatives. This may happen because of a communication gap between the despatch section and the courier service but it's a failure on the part of the management. If the products are not delivered in time, the goodwill of the organization is hampered and no organization wants that. Therefore, it's necessary to plan everything carefully and also make an alternative plan to avoid such unwanted issues.

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    In this situation when a courier company refuses to take more booking from the company or factory whose fault is this? I think it is the fault of the supply department or the department which has the responsibility to deliver goods to the party. This department is responsible to clarify to courier service at the time of booking - how much quantity will be sent by the company through courier. Was it not known to the concerned department what was the estimated or exact quantity to be sent? It's sheer negligence of this department.
    Courier companies welcome their customers. They should be duly informed about the quantity and other required details about products or consignment, there is no chance of breaking this link which the author has evinced to. Moreover, courier service can't be blamed for it.
    If the delivery is essential to be done on time then remaining quantity can be sent through another courier service. What is the big deal?

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    For each and everything, we should have plan 'B', to manage if plan 'A' fails. We should always have alternative plans to ensure the business is not affected. Big companies never make such mistakes. It is the small units that suffers with such unfortunate failure of events. This is mainly for the transportation companies.
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