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    Broken friendships cannot be restored

    For many of us we treat friends more than the relatives and share a close bonding on all matters including discussing our personal matters. But friendship is sustained on trust and belief and if that is lost then keeping the relation in tact would be questionable. Though patch up and overtures might be tried to pacify for a reconcile, but when the broken friendship has bothered us much we cannot think of patch up no matter we would be rewinding the old thoughts of good days and good moments to cherish.
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    Absolutely we cannot mend the broken friendship up to the level it was in the past. Every relation depends on the trust and once it's broken it cannot be recovered. I have experience such friendship in the past when we fought and tried to patch up but could never had the friendship like we used to have in the past. We never could trust on each other as I know once the faith is lost one cannot rely on that person.

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    Choose your friends carefully. But once you became friends never leave them. For keeping up the friendship if you have to suffer you suffer. This is what I read somewhere and I feel this statement is very correct. It is always better to say No in the initial stages itself rather than saying No after progressing to some extent.
    A known person is different and a friend is different. A friend is one who helps us in case of any problem without our request also. Many people come to you as friends when you have good money with you. If we consider all of them as friends once you lost the money such people will never come to you. Frogs will be there in the pond when there is water.
    A good friend never ditches you. So if you understand the person correctly and then make friends, I think you need not worry about breaking the friendship. I agree with the author that broken friendship can't be restored easily.

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    This reminds me a great couplet in Hindi by the poet Rahim -
    Rahiman taga prem ka,
    Mut toro chatkaya.
    Tute se phir na jude,
    Jude ganth pad jaye.

    It says that the friendly relations are not to be broken. They are like a thread. The thread should not be broken because once it breaks we have to join it by making a knot. The knot remains there forever. So, if we break friendship, we can regain it but it would not be like earlier as the causes of break ups and other reasons will remain in our mind and haunt us for the life time.

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    Friendship bond requires more care, understanding, respect and standing for each other to keep their friendship intact. Relatives and friends are different in nature. Relationship with relatives is created by birth whereas friendship is created by choice. Relatives will be our relatives despite we stop talking to them or sever our ties with them but sustenance of friendship depends on both sides to keep this friendship for long life.
    Some of our friends become so close to us that their presence is more important than relatives. We like to share our happiness and sorrows with them. Their niche in our life is so close to our heart that we find it difficult to live without them. But if this bond is once broken it causes irreparable loss.

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    Agree with the auhotr. Not only friendship but there are many such relationships in which once a crack occurs, the relationship does not remain as familiar as before. The higher our expectations from friends, the more honesty should also be in this relationship, otherwise, there are more chances of relationship breakdown. To maintain friendship honestly, the most important thing is to maintain trust and to tell friends both about their good evils. Flattering by just praising it is not friendship.

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    It is because we cannot restore our broken minds. Friendship is all about trust and understanding. When misunderstanding between friends is predominant the trust is broken and we cannot take our minds to the previous situation when the understanding was intact. I feel if we have enough control over our mind things may change but in that case, both the persons should have enough control over their minds to restore the friendship/relationship which is quite impossible. An individual can have control over her/his mind but it is not possible to control the mind of others and hence it becomes almost impossible to restore a broken friendship.

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    Thanks Umesh for adding the reality example and that enhanced the importance of this thread.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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