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    Post Covid-19: India is on the path of progress

    During the last one year the countries worldwide, including India, were struggling with the Covid-19 threat and many countries are still fighting with it while some are seeing its containment and confinement bringing happiness to its people. India is one of the luckier lot where this threat is also looking like shrinking in great proportions. During this time India had not only braved the situation but was also successful in developing the vaccine in a quick mode and our production of vaccine is very high and many countries are in queue to get consignments from India. There are many other areas in manufacturing and production where India is progressing ahead and all these factors are attracting the foreign direct investment (FDI) as foreign institutional investors (FIIs) who are flush with funds are looking to India as an opportunity for good returns to their investment. This is a good news for India and will definitely help India to enter the league of developed and advanced countries. We have many internal problems and challenges like unemployment, poverty, and other issues but everything is related to the overall progress and will slowly get resolved and I feel that we have better days ahead. What do the members feel about this?
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    That is true. Many countries struggled with COVD 19 and we all felt that India will suffer more than any country as it is a very densely populated country. But we are successful in controlling the problem. The human loss is minimum possible when compared to many other countries including the USA. WE fought it out well.
    Indian scientists and the industry made us proud. They invented a vaccine and started manufacturing this life-saving drug. The vaccine is proved to be good and the success rate is above 90% as per the information available. We are exporting this drug to many countries. Even during COVID also we exported some medicines for treatment and many people expressed their gratitude for the good and kind timely actions of the government.
    Wealth creation is important for all-round development and that is possible by industrialisation. If many foreign companies come here we will get many jobs and more and more wealth will be created and that will give a good push to India in all the areas.

    always confident

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    Absolutely right, when the early days of the Corona epidemic hit India, there was no expectation that the situation would return to normalcy within a year. On that fearful day, when we used to stay in our houses for the whole day, we were looking at everything coming from outside as if they were not entering the corona into the house. Many such fearful thoughts used to come in everyone's mind at that time. But the whole world together faced this problem bravely and probably because of that today the situation is better than before. The increasing positive effects of vaccination are also making people stronger. Many families have lost their people during this difficult time, and many have won by fighting this epidemic. A dangerous wave of unemployment had also rendered many families homeless, but now slowly everything is getting better and people are moving out of this bad time in life.

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    When the intentions are good and clear the things would move fast and sure. India has gone through the worst phase of pandemic and yet we stood winner from the day one when the spread was contained, the frontline doctors and health workers were dedicated to give full attention and service, the death toll has decreased and the spread was minimal and now we are embarking on biggest exercise of giving vaccine to all and that is being watched by the world and baffled by WHO. There has been feelers that big countries must learn from the India on Covid management and after management.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Covid 19 disturbed the whole of the world. Several countries were seriously affected, India was one of them which faced this pandemic in fierce shape but it tamed it successfully. Now India is one of the few countries which have developed vaccines to counter this virus and protect life of Indian citizens. Hats off to Indian scientists who elevated their status and made the world realise that India is one of the most developed countries in this field. I appreciate to our PM also for encouraging our scientists to go for developing vaccine in India itself.
    Indian government is helping to other countries also and have despatched vaccines-consignment to several countries free of cost. It is a great gesture of humanity and service to mankind.
    Now fear of virus is disappearing gradually. India being a big country is the center of eyes of worldwide businessmen. They are looking forward to invest in India because in this budget our government has offered foreign countries to invest their money in our country. Privatisation is going to be on full scale in near future. Our government will get chunk of foreign reserves and it will boost our economy. Foreign countries may invest in banking sector also. Privatisation is the new mantra to improve economy. Now new jobs will be created on larger scale and when people have employment poverty will also be eradicated soon.

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