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    A viewer's Paradise. The nurseries in Kadiyam of East Godavari DT. AP

    The Village called ' Kadiyam' in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh is very famous these days all over the world for the nurseries available in this area and the flower market in the area.
    Nurseries in this place are very well maintained and we feel happy when we spend some time in these nurseries. Four days back I had been there with my family and spent a good time there. That village is doing business worth of crores of rupees daily. They export flowers to foreign land also and that has given business to trucks with a controlled atmosphere. In these nurseries, the shooting of movies will be carried out. The village is very near to Rajamahendravaram city where we ill get good hotels to stay and cabs to travel. Rajamahendravaram, generally known as Rajahmundry. is well connected by air, train and road. People who have a passion for flowers and gardens must visit this village once and enjoy the same.
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    This is a very interesting and informative piece of writing by the author on such a nice nursery near Rajahmundry. There is very good export potential in the area of flowers especially the tulips and roses. India can be a big exporter of that though it is already exporting it to other countries. Nurseries are not only for the business purposes but also keep the surroundings beautiful and it is always a pleasure to go to a nursery.
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    There are plant lovers across the country and this piece of information given by the author would go a long way to have the good plants purchased and nurtured. Some people spend lots of time in choosing the right plants for their garden and the author has shared such a wonderful information which not only helps in greenery maintenance and also give fillip to the Nursery farming.
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    Good information. The nursery is a money-making business industry now. Many rich people spend their money buying nursery plants to decorate their homes with greenery and flowers. They are not cheap but costly, In multi-storey apartments, the balcony is used for keeping the plants. It is also a time pass activity to water and nurture the plants.

    Yesterday, I visited one of my friends house. There, my daughter found varieties of plants on her balcony. My daughter loved them and wanted to have some plants for our home. She was taken by her friend to a nursery garden, and she has brought six plants for Rs. 800/-. I do not know, how long the plants would survive. Because my house does not have enough sunlight for the plants to grow well.

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    Good information shared by the author. These days I have observed that lots nurseries have opened mainly outside the side. This may be because people have realise the importance of plants in their lives and they have started buying plants from the nurseries.

    It's good to note that the village is doing a good business because of nurseries. Yes it feels good when you are surrounded by the plants having different color of flowers. Similarly in Delhi there is place called Mughal Garden which opens for short duration for the visitors and it's a good place where one can watch different types of flowers.


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