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    Reliability On COVID-19 Vaccine In India.

    Covid-19 Vaccination started in our Country. In the media there are various news regarding the side effect for the same. One of my relative is admitted to the hospital for last 2 days due to Fever and Rashes after taking 1st doge of co-vaccine. Doctor's said it is minor effect. But my question is why there should be any side effect for such vaccination. General people will not entertain it, if there is any risk. I think Govt. should communicated its effectiveness through wide publicity for better result.
    To complete the vaccination process successfully, do you think that publicity necessary to accept this vaccination without any fear or risk by the Citizens. Please share your view.
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    Generally, when we got vaccinated we will get some fever or headache or some health issue, Not only this vaccine but also other vaccines will also show these symptoms. In my childhood, I took a Vaccine for Kalara I think. I got a fever and suffered for 4 days. This happened 40 years back. So we need not worry about minor problems. So far we have not heard any instances of death. Yesterday one death was reported after vaccination. But the doctors confirmed that the vaccine is nothing to do with the death. There are other problems.
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    Fever after vaccination of any vaccine is widespread and it is also crucial. As we know that after vaccination, the antibodies of our body react with the entry of the related virus vaccine into the body and this is the reason why fever occurs after vaccination. Apart from this, other reactions or side effects are dependent on the person to person, some have strong immunity and others may have lesser. Other health issues also play an important role during the vaccination. I can talk about it very surely because my cousin who lives with me at my home has been given the Corona vaccine because she is an Anganwadi officer and she has not had any side effects after the vaccination, only a slight fever and that too over a period of time. Many questions are coming to the mind of the authenticity of the vaccine, but even in history, whenever a vaccine starts at a new level, there are doubts in the mind of the people, which become less and then dissolve over the time.
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    Modern medicines do have side effects but it does not mean that these medinces should be discarded.I have also heard about side effects of vaccination. What is the reason that some people are affected but many people don't have any side effect. It should be explained and communicated by health department. I agree with the author that general masses will hesitate in accepting vaccination until they are satisfied.

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    Whenever a new virus threat comes in this world the scientist and researchers start to search a vaccine for it. There are certain clinical criterion for acceptance of a vaccine and once that level is obtained it is cleared by the drug authorities and are made available in the market for the later vaccination program. No vaccine is 100% effective and many vaccines are only effective to 70-90%. Generally, the vaccine is nothing but a dose of chemical or cultured bodies which create reaction in the body and produce the anti bodies which are actually the main fighters for the infection in case the person succumbs to that particular virus infection.
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    Though there was initial hesitation from some front line doctors and health workers and when the vaccines started showing good results and less side effects the people have started believing more. Such is the success story of India vaccine that we are now leaders in supplying to many countries and over 25 countries have placed orders for the vaccines and they are in queue. India's vaccine program is massive and the next task is to give vaccines for the elders and then to the kids. This way India would be completing the huge task of vaccinating 65 percent of the population in another six moths from now. The Govt is creating all facilities and infrastructure to store and manage more vaccines to be shipped to various countries and thus US also appreciated Indians global vaccine reach out which was superb,
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    Fever is always associated with the vaccination due to the simple reason that our immune system fights with the external threat as a result of vaccination. The virus introduced by way of vaccination alerts the body system to take defensive approach against the new situation. We have seen such a development in cholera, TB and other viral diseases. Hence we should not be unnecessarily worried on that account.
    The people are in the state of ambiguity with the present vaccination fearing that it could be life threatening. They should be taken into confidence by the government machinaries. Media should also take steps to provide them sufficient input to eliminate their fears.

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