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    Question paper posting - new payment program

    We are restarting the payment program for question paper posting effective 1 Aug 2008. We will pay Rs 1 per valid question paper posted.

    Post previous years question papers of any job/school/degree/professional course in India (year 2005 onwards).

    In addition to AdSense revenue, we will pay you money for posting previous years question papers, based on the below conditions:

    • We will give you cash award of Rs 1 per question paper posted, in addition to the Google AdSense revenue. Also, you will get 5 points per question paper posted.

    • You can scan and attach question papers

    • Please post only question papers which are in English.

    • The cash awards you earn wil be accummulated in your name and we will send you the payment as cheque after your total cash credits reach the minimum payment amount.
    • In addition to cash payments, you will be considered for various special awards, member of the week award, cash awards etc.
    • The question papers should not be copied from other sites. It should be typed by yourself by referring to the original question papers.

    Question paper must be posted in full, exactly as given in the printed question paper (without answers).

    We will not accept the same question paper from more than one person. So, before posting a question paper, make sure the question paper is not posted already.

    Visit our Question Papers section and see existing question papers.

    Start posting question papers

    To participate in the revenue sharing program, you must create a Google AdSense account. After Google approves your registration, you will start earning revenue from your question paper submissions. Google will send you the payment by cheque after your earning reach $100.

    If you have any questions about this 'pocket money' program, please feel free to post a message.

    If you like to make more money, you can participate in other revenue sharing programs.

    Submit old question paper

    Read New Member FAQ.
  • #24352
    Are papers posted after 1st August valid for cash credits ???

  • #24360
    yes, they are eligible. But we have not updated our payment calculation system yet. It may take up to 1 week to see those cash credits.

    - Tony

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

  • #24362
    Good Tony
    I like it.
    Every buddy missuse that section now all right.


  • #24372
    Hi Tony
    Finally You considered the request of members.
    Thank you for reinstating the question paper submission
    I am very happy eventhough the cash credit is decreased to Rs1/- per post. Is there any limit in the number of posting. Earlier only 100 question papers canbe posted in a month.

  • #24377
    There will be limit of 100 question papers in one month. Submit the question papers from 2005 onwards.

    Jose Mathew
    Webmaster ISC

  • #24393
    Hello Mr. Tony,

    Great Offer,

    I will also contribute with you if I got some Question papers,

    We always waiting some new offers from this site as we like the new ideas,

    Mr. Tony, can you tell me some about Yahoo Forum Program??

    I have read contents but didnt got what is that.

    - Mahesh

  • #24555
    Hi Tony ,
    Great news.. and very happy to know that now we can again some pocket money if we have last year question papers..are their any other conditions if so plz let us know.

  • #24570
    This is good programme. Atleast we could find the old question paper at one place.I have many model MBA finance (IGNOU)question papers. Can I post it in Resources under education (Not for cash credits but atleast for Google adsense income sharing programme)?

  • #24572
    Hi Tony,

    Good opportunity. We are happy to see the news of cash credits for posting of question papers. If we keep beside the earning cash credits, it is easy to get old question papers at one place. Previously we had to refer to so many websites for getting the results, but now it has become very easy.

    Vinay, you can post the question papers in the question papers thread. Click on question papers in the top and go for submit question papers.

    Subba Raju, MV

  • #24650
    Hi Vinay,

    Before posting the question paper in section, pleas check if they are already avaialble.

    If you post it in resource section, then they will get unrecognized, as we about hundreds of forum and resource posted by our members. You are looking to Google adsense revenue. However, when no one will see your resource of question paper posted. You will not earn, post it in Question paper section and run search before posting them.

    This will help you to keep a check if the question is present or not.

    Happy Posting.

    Handling Question Paper Section

  • #24680
    hi tony ive posted two question papers on 17 th of this month am i eligible for this contest and i thank you for restarting the revenue program for question papers as many of us are waiting for tat

  • #24756
    Hi Tony

    That the great renovation that the ISC has started posting question program again. The great opportunity for the new members as the old members have already so much from this program.



    Akhil Soni

  • #24839
    Hi Tony

    Great initiative, Previously member were mis-using this section but now its good enough for awarding 1 Re. per valid question paper.Thanks for starting this.


    Keep Rocking

  • #24967
    Hello Tony Sir,

    This is good opportunity for earning as well as to post good thngs

    We expects more like this .. from ISC


    - Mahesh

  • #25197
    Hi Tony,Jose
    I have posted AIIMS PG entrance question paper which consist of 200 questions and 4 choices for each question. Total comes out to be more than 20 pages. Do you think Re.1 is justified for that??

    Dr. Sanjeev

  • #25229
    Hi Tony,
    It is nice to hear that the posting of question papers gets money. Can i get the money for the previously posted papers.
    If the question paper contains more than one paper then also we will get only Rs.1/-.

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