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    Seven days a week, and colors related to days.

    Have you ever done that on a special day of the week you wear only the same color clothes? I have an aunt who keeps her sarees fixed according to the color of the seven days. When I asked her she told me all the related colors of each day of the week.

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Red
    Wednesday - Green
    Thursday - Yellow
    Friday - Blue
    Saturday - Black
    Sunday - Maroon

    I have been watching her doing this for the last 10 years and she likes to do it every day continuously. There is a limit on the day when she wears sarees on an occasion like a wedding, another party, etc. according to the day. She believes it helps to get positive energy by doing this.

    Have you ever had such an experience when you wear clothes according to the day or someone like that around you?
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    I heard about colour therapy. Some people who are sick asked to keep particular colour objects near them when they sleep. It was told that each colour will emit radiation of a particular wavelength and based on that radiation the person who is sick will recover. But practically I never experienced any such cure.
    Definitely colour will have an impact on our mind. How much and to what extent is not known. We all know white colour is a mix of seven colours and when light falls on an object, it will absorb some light and emit some light based on the wavelength of the light it emits the colour is visible. So light is definitely something to do. But how it gives positive energy is not clear to me.

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    I had a lady assistant in my office. I used to wonder about her dressing sense and style. Though a dark figure, she used to be very attractive and smart with her dresses. She used to wear the colours as per the planet rulers of the day. Monday - Moon (White) Tuesday -Mars (Red), Wednesday - Mercury (Green), Thursday-Jupiter(Yellow) Friday - Venus(Pink) Saturday -Saturn (Blue). Sunday - Sun (At home choice). One day, I asked her and came to know her colour selection.
    I too tried to follow her colours. But I could not. I prefer to wear white and white. It suits much for ladies, not gentlemen.

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    May be some people are so obsessed with colors and they do have good collections of clothes and thus wear the same according to their wish and likes. But I never came across the fact that for every day there is a designated color to wear and she chose the same for her happiness What I feel that we wear the clothes out of our liking to color and design and we wear because others also likes it. It is the fact that most of the people feel relaxed and composed when they wear a good dress and that keeps them cheerful and going all through the day and when other complement for the good dress sense the joy would be endless. But what baffles me that the textiles and clothes are so different and in colors or texture and we do not find two similar dresses at one go and that is the reason the fashion Industry is surviving.
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    Should I call it colour mania? I think some people are fond of colours. As far as ladies are concerned, rarely, anyone will have no interest in ostentatious dressing and colour-matching. This is a personal issue of people. What an individual likes it is his/her prerogative. Nobody has the right to chime in others' matters.

    Why some people are ultra-fond of colours, I think a psychologist can explain it better. I was reading the opinion of people about colours I found many people are literally crazy for colour matching and which colour suits them on which day is their research and experiment.
    Some people are crazy for dressing sense. I see them as highly touchy about their dresses. They can't tolerate wearing any kind of dress, rather, they will choose different dresses for different occasions.

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