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    Take special care of yourself in this changing season.

    As we all know that in the month of January, the sun starts to Uttarayan and the vertical rays of the sun slowly start moving towards the equator. Along with this, changes are also seen in the weather and with these changes, we should take special care of ourselves. These days in the afternoon, the weather is slightly warmer but coolness is felt in the morning and from the evening and night. In the afternoon when the weather is warm, special care needs to be taken with you as well as small children. Many times children drink cold water due to playing in the warm afternoon, which is the main cause of diseases these days. Take care of your food habit and avoid cold things until summer starts.
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    That is true. We are experiencing the same climate here. Afternoons the temperatures are high and in the night it is cold. The change in atmosphere will give some troubles to our body. The body should be able to withstand these sudden changes in the temperatures. That is why many people are complaining about cold, caught and fever. My two granddaughters are having a slight cold and feeling uneasiness. My brother is having a throat infection. Like this many people are feeling some problem.
    We should take care of ourselves. We should not drink cold water. We should not go out early in the morning as snow is falling and that will result in cold and headache. Nights we should wrap the body properly and see that we will not get exposed to cold wind. Food habits should also be as per the situation and we should have control over eating also. Don't go for junk food made with boiled oil.

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    We are witnessing the fluctuations of temperatures in the current time due to the passing phase of the winter. The days seem to be warmer than the nights. This variations can affect all equally particularly the children and the olds if there is any slackness from their sides. The body should be fully protected with the external environment with proper clothes. Clothes work like insulation and protect us from the fluctuations of temperatures. Hence the chances of common ailments such as fever, cough, respiratory disorders can be averted. Precaution is only the solution under the present circumstances.

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    it is the happening fact that the climate change is being experienced and there cannot be fixed season as it was in previous days. For the past few days there is a chilly weather in the mornings and few days back there was humidity. And last year we have experienced three season on a single day with drizzling in the morning, hot in the afternoon and turning chill in the evening and such adverse climate change in a day would severely affect the asthma patients and also the children who are not accustomed to sudden change of climatic conditions. For the elders they need to be more careful and should not venture out for petty things. Even morning walking is turning out be chill and they elders are unable to withstand the chilly weather. Its better to be indoors when the weather is playing hind and seek game.
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    The weather has changed and gradually, the winter season is passing the last phase. Soon summer heat will knock at the door.
    These days the weather is great. Just a sweater is enough to cope up with a light cold.
    I agree to suggestions of the author that we should be careful about changing season and side effects of this changing natural process.
    Our elderly people suggest us that we should be careful when the season changes so that we should get inflicted with any disease.

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