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    The habit of avoiding small tasks.

    A very common habit is found in many people, especially in children and today's youth, that they consider their small task as small and avoid doing it immediately. They feel that the value of this work is not so high that it should be done immediately. This is a wrong practice and due to this many times, people create a state of chaos. For example, a habit of the people, not to keep your cup in the sink immediately after drinking tea or coffee, and by holding that work, you can increase your work yourself, because not having a cup immediately can cause the following situation -
    1. The cup may accidentally fall and break.
    2. Because of the layer of tea or coffee remaining in the cup, there is more difficulty in washing the cup.
    3. Another person may need a cup that you hold because of your laziness.

    This is a simple example which many people have seen in their family. Many small tasks can become difficult for others by avoiding.
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    This habit I have seen in many people especially people who are in the 30s and 40s. They will go to the bathroom and will not switch off the light after they come back. If we tell them they feel we are not treating them properly. They will get up from the bed and never put off the fan and never arrange the bedsheets properly. They think that what they are doing is correct. They will get up late and in a hurry, they will get ready and go to the office. After that, the people in the house have to set these things right.
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    Many of us are involved in such habits which can be given up if we think seriously on such points. Leaving the cup of tea in the floor after enjoying the tea or not putting out the light after coming out from the bathrooms are some of our lapses.The losses in such cases are minor but looking over a period, it may turn out a whopping amount with the purchase of a new cup or paying excess electricity bills due to our negligence. We may feel insulted if someone points it out. Hence the best way to get rid of the same is to have personal introspection in this line so that such bad habits can be changed and in that way we can avoid the embracing situation by being pointed out by some one for such negligence.

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    Let alone children and boys even adults are careless about doing their work. This matter is not confined in picking up a cup after using it and putting it into the sink, it is commonly seen in our daily routine life. Who is not careless about the small and trivial task and issue, almost all of us. We do the activity which is important in our eyes. It's a fact that we don't miss to carry out what is important. However, being disciplined in life is very important, it shapes all our activities in order. There is no age limit for learning discipline. We expect that children must be disciplined but we forget what discipline is. Why adults are not serious about being disciplined, children may question us. I experience this tendency among adult at large. So, It's not only applied to children or young guys but also to mature people.

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    No task is small, only people need to apply common sense while doing anything. The author has pointed out some bad habits which must be rectified early in life. Children learn from adults and when they find adults are indulging in certain habits they also follow suit. There are many parents who think they are taking extra care for their children and do such things for them which they should not. Suppose, the mother of a student gives her/him a cup of health drink and places the cup on the study table. Time to time, the mother is enquiring whether she/he finished the drink and on being informed that it is finished, the mother comes and takes the empty cup from the student and washes it. When this continues, the student thinks that it is the duty of her/his mother to remove the empty cup and the bad habit forms. I have found parents filling up the examination forms for even teenagers thinking that by filling up such forms valuable study time will be lost. These are just overindulgence and must be avoided by parents. If this continues, anybody can imagine what will be the nature of the young one when turned into an adult. The more one is involved in carrying out various tasks the more will be the awareness.

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    I do agree that when we postpone the small tasks, that will not only increase our attention later but also hamper others performance for want of our compliance. Only today there was a argument with one of my higher ups that he failed to do his small task and that gave rise to escalation of complaint to next level and eventually the management has to intervene and set right Had the higher officer done his duty timely I could have avoided the customer wrath and not got the bad name. Though we may give so many reasons and proof that the game plan to defame us was from the next immediate boss the management does not view all these politics as they feel the complaint emanated from my source and I am alone responsible for the task. These kind of small face offs are possible and we are denied the right to defend.
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