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    Internet regained speed as 4G is back in J&K!

    4G internet has been restored in JK after 18 months making it longest internet restriction in the history of the world by a world's largest democracy. 4G internet was suspended on 3 August 2109 when the semi-autonomous status of JK was abrogated unilaterally and undemocratically snapping all modes of communication.

    People in JK suffered immensely during this period. Children were unable to attend the online classes and our business were badly affected. Almost every sector got affected. All our fundamental rights were snatched and people were humiliated by chopping our rights. Internet is our fundamental right, not a favour which is restored after 18 months in JK.
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    Jammu & Kashmir has been disturbed for several decades because external forces are directly involved in taking interest in Valley. They want to keep J&K issue alive on international forums. What people of Kashmir got by taking guns in their hands? I think people need to understand reality.
    Sometimes, governments take tough steps in national interests. Kashmir should realise it.
    Now the situation is changing in Valley and normalcy is returning. This is why 4G speed has been reinstated. I hope that all people of Kashmir will find themselves as an integral part of their country. J&K is the inalienable and integral part of India and the government will not tolerate any anti-national activity from any corner. Kashmiris are as respectable Indians as rest of all are.

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    The people of Kashmir are in general very good and modest. They have a great cultural heritage and creative history in arts and crafts. Unfortunately some anti national and terrorist elements who are being dictated from outside India are creating all sort of problems in Kashmir and the common people are suffering. We have to bring the youths of Kashmir in the main stream and tighten the security on our borders to check any type of infiltration.

    Kashmir is a great destination for hill tourism and tourism department knows this fact. I remember that there was a time when all the movies in India were shot in the valleys of Kashmir. If there is law and order and peace in Kashmir then it can earn a huge revenue from the natural produce in the region. The unemployed would get some employment as they would get engaged in the associated industries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The other day the same author has complained that the central govt was denying them access to the internet and now he himself admitted that 4 G connectivity is made available to ensure that 4 G services are now possible the speed is good. Every work has the destined time and result oriented and only thing is that we do not have the courage to wait and see about the programs already envisaged for the development of the valley. At least now the youth should appreciate the efforts of central govt to restore normalcy and give the Kashmir the forward looking development plank a sincere attempt to achieve the superlative performance. Kashimir has the potential to develop tourism wise and Hindi films should start the shootings so that much emphasis is given by the foriegn tourists to visit the valley.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Happy to note that 4G internet is restored in Jammu and Kashmir after nearly 18 months. The blind followers may say anything but can they understand what the youth of those regions lost due to the action of the Government? There is already outrage nationally and now internationally for shutting off the internet in the areas where the farmers are agitating. The Government is obviously rattled by the two tweets that caused an international reaction and might have taken this action. Whatever may be the reason, the people of Kashmir are now having 4G and this will help them to repair the damage to their careers.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Kashmir is the sensitive area for India and we are concerned about nation first and not the people first in this case and therefore there are every reason for the critics say otherwise but the fact remains that overwhelming priority is given this state and the center is closely monitoring outside elements which wants to create unrest and the law imposing forces are preventing it. For the people they are concerned about their own basics and demands but never thought from the angle of nation and security and those who understood this are supporting every move of the govt aimed at peace.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Kashmir is a sensitive area since the partition. The various Governments dealt with it in their own way without compromising on the security or causing hardship to the people of Kashmir.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    It is good to hear that 4G internet is brought back in the valley after a long duration. I can understand the problem of not having the internet. There is nothing wrong in complaining about it. But when the issues are more important, we should be ready to accept the problems.
    Valley is being used by our neighbours as an area to hide and create unrest in the country. That is why there is always unrest in the valley and many innocent people suffered. Even though people suffered a lot for 18 months because of the actions taken by the government if normalcy restores now and if development takes place in the area, we will feel happy.
    I hope the State Government and the Central Government work together and see that people lead a normal life and there will not be any security threat to the nation or the people in the coming days.

    always confident

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    Please check your word before writing responses! People in Kashmir are peace-loving and hospitable and have nothing to do with the violence. When people face injustice, it natural to register protests which unfortunately is not allowed especially in Kashmir. Even mourners are slapped with UAPA for demanding the dead body of their son! What would you do in such a situation if you face this injustice?

    Sir, you are right that J&K is a great destination. Tourism is one of the best sectors that people depend on but even that was spoiled by central government 0n 5 August 2019 by imposing a curfew, snapping all modes of communication and devastating our economy & shutting our schools and colleges down. All this was done by the central Government, not by foreign elements. Former CM's were slapped with a draconian PSA, therefore, jailed for many months and people were arrested and flown to different jails of the country. All these injustices were committed by Central Government, not by foreign forces. And we haven't seen any increase in employment generation so far. Those who were working in small firms lost their jobs due to the restriction post 5 August 2019 and then after Covid crises.

    K Mohan,
    Sir, 4G internet is our right not favour by Govt. who deprived the people of JK of this right for all these months. It is quite natural to raise voices when people face injustice and hardships! When others are getting the privilege of internet J&K can't wait only because it is a sensitive place and sensitivity can't be taken as the basis for chopping rights of J&K people.

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