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    We are financially sound on salary day and there after?

    The middle class families are employed in such companies in which their salaries are meager and does allow any saving at all and at times of medical emergencies we need to beg or borrow from others to meet the whooping medical bills. Though we feel elated on the salary day to find the amount trickling into our bank accounts. but within few days we are exhausted of all the money and heavily depend on private finances and other loans for short period and thus we end up paying huge interest for short term loans.
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    This is sheer money effect. Money brings happiness, especially, for the person who waits for it after working for a month or so. He makes all monthly planning for this amount which he gets after a long wait. The lower middle class which totally depends on salary starts worrying before getting the amount because of expenses to run his family remains in his head and paying debt taken from his friends or relatives disturbs him.
    I often think about why we have so much imbalance in money distribution. Some people are highly rich, even they don't know how much money they have. On another side, some people are looking for so much amount to earn so that all family members might eat two-time meals.

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    When the just demands are not with meager salaries.
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    Sir, You are lucky enough that your account is tricking and you are able to manage at least something than not managing anything at all. Yes, it is true that within few days salary gets exhausted due to huge expenses. But I'm also thinking of those who are well educated but due to unavailability of jobs how are those managing their expenses. India has a huge unemployment problem and this issue has never given a serious thought. I think authorities need to think of the unemployed [people as well as those employees who are working on a meagre salary to meet their daily expenses but always runs short of funds. Sir, you are right in your point but the situation looks even more problematic to the unemployed educated people which Govt. has completely failed in addressing this issue.

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    At least having one eye is better than losing two eyes. An employee in a small company is getting some salary. But an unemployed is not having any income. That is more problematic than not having sufficient money. But another angle is there for this. A person who is not having a job will try some other way like going for daily wage work. But the person who has to attend the duty can't go for any other job. He has to stick to his job.
    Many families are suffering from such problems. Going for medical insurance is one way to avoid huge medical expenses. The premium is also not very high, Some companies are providing this medical insurance and some companies provide some medical reimbursement. Mediclaim policy is also ok. These are the various options we have to manage huge medical expenses.
    However, it is really difficult for a middle-class family to manage the whole expenses. They have to go for loans and interest on loans is a big problem for them.

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    The price rise of the commodities is the main concern area for the employees having less income. If the kids are in the public schools, the expenses of the parents would multiply depending upon the location and rapport of the school. While calculating the other essential items such as grocery, milk, vegetables and other stationary items the expenses exceeds than the salaries of the employees working in some small companies. The day when they are getting their pay packets from the company counter is the most enjoy full day. At least they forget other worries for the time being while purchasing a sweet packet for their families. Despite making more additions and substractions to maintain their monthly budget, they end up with some loans taken from their friends. Their routined life goes on this way without having any respite from any sources. If their kids could achieve some respectable jobs in the years ahead, that is their ultimate satisfying moment.

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    Middle class people will have this problem because their income is generally less than their expenses. They will wait for the salary for clearing the monthly bills and many times what happens is that due to some unforeseen reason there is shortage of money in hand and then they have no other go except for waiting for the next salary. This is a very common feature happening to many people in our country.
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    Yes, average Indian's are in Middle class group and status of Indian middleclass is somethings different in compare to western middleclass. Middle class are the general public ,their act are treated the average acting of the nation in India. They earn and consumed the most of their earning in essential food, education and treatments by investing a predetermined compulsory savings in some case. In other cases there will be no savings and if there are any extra ordinary expenses arise due to any contingencies there will be a negative effect. These is the real picture of middle class. But the govt takes many action for them but ca not succeeded due to the act of this middle class in most cases. So the govt. should initiate positive active action like direct benefits transfer or like some free education, medical benefits along with implementing right to food act compulsorily ,the situation may be approved. Thanks.
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    Everyone is indeed happy to hear the message tone on their mobile of their salary credit to their bank account or on the day they get their salary as it brings hope of survival, not only for him/her but of the full family. It is very difficult to make both ends meet if you earn less but as mentioned, it's better to get something than not to as in case of unemployed people, lost their job or still searching for new vacancies. It is very difficult to meet the expenses of the family due to the increasing price of everything but if one plan and cut down not so important or unwanted things, they can atleast reach to the brim then drowning in the river. With proper planning, cutting down unwanted expenses,s and making everyone in the family know about the expense and income, one can atleast reach or curtail the interest rate that they give to the bank or borrower in times of emergencies.
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    The authors point is true as the same was picturised well in a Tamil movie 'Muthal thEthi' which was released in the year 1955 acted by Shivaji Ganesan and Anjali Devi.

    Nowadays many people possess credit cards and thereby on the day of salary day their packet/bank balance found good. But on that day evening when they clear all the dues of credit card, his bank balance made him to think.

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    It is the fate of the lower middle salaried class family. Their salary is just sufficient enough to pull on their family, and no saving is possible. I remember a good Tamil song saying "Kaiyile vaanginen payile podale kaasu pona idam theriyale" ( I got it in hand, did not put into my pocket, I don't know how it vanished). In the earlier days, no one thought about saving, but in the present days, people have realized that only saving can help them in the future. There are families who budget their expenditure within their income and save some money for the future.
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