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    Praising the enemy is also a great trait

    Yesterday we witnessed the farewell speech to veteran Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad whose RS membership term ended and how the PM Modi gone emotional while recalling close bonding with him during his CM tenure in Guujarat. He recalled and praised how Azad who was the CM of Kashmir then has helped accident victims of Gujarat to bring back their bodies. It takes guts to praise the leaders from opposition and once again PM Modi has displayed his best statesmanship in the Parliament by praising the good deeds of Azad.
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    If someone belongs to the opposition party then it does not mean that he should not be praised for his good conduct. Individual qualities have to be accepted and addressed at any opportune point of time and a good politician should take advantage of that. Mr Modi is an experienced person in this regard and he has played his part well. It was surprising that these big leaders became so sentimental in their talks and there was an unprecedented emotional burst in the Rajya Sabha on that particular day which shows how much good bond these two people are having in between them.
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    The opposition party leaders are not enemies of the party in power. The roles change often. They are there for good governance to the country. Modiji probably got emotional because Mr. Azad as Chief Minister of Jammu&Kasmir was very much moved when some Gujarati tourists were attacked by terrorists but he himself did not move at all when lots of people died in Gujarat during 2002. Anyhow, it is remarkable that Modiji was all praise for Mr. Azad at the end of his term in Rajya Sabha.
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    But Congress never reciprocated this way in the past.
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    There was no need to shed tears and get emotional. For personal reasons, Modiji might have become emotional. There were so many comments on Modiji tears and I do not want to mention them here. I believe that Modiji got truly emotional.
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    In his last speech Ghulama Nabi Azad praised Modiji too much. Perhaps it was the main reason. However, I don't know why he shed tears. It could be due to their personal relations.
    I think the author should not use 'enemy' for opposition party leaders. This is not correct a word in politics.

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    First of all, there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. Even when they are on the opposite sides, it is just a matter of ideological differences and none of them entertains any personal grudge against each other. In this case also it was basically a matter of reciprocation. Ghulam Nabi praised Modi and he simply reciprocated. Let us not get into the political undertones, as is being widely discussed, but just take it as a matter of common courtesy particularly because the event was to bid farewell to the outgoing Rajya Sabha member.

    And regarding Modiji getting emotional, it would be nice to recollect how many times we have seen him getting (?) emotional since he became the Prime Minister. His dramatics are well known and we need not, generally, take his tears seriously. I think he is basically a very emotional person.

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    As you think, politicians are not enemy to each other. Politicians from different rival political groups cannot be seen together outside, but inside the parliament or assembly hall, they behave like good friends. Since it was a farewell speech to a member, Modi has expressed his real feelings to his friend from the opposition party. Politicians are good actors too. We cannot make out what is real tear and what is fake tear, and whether they are really emotional or not.

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    The caption of this thread has mentioned the word enemy. Enemy means a force or a unit that is against you in a war. The caption could have been better than this. And Gulam Nabi Azad was not at war with anyone in parliament. He has served the country all these years at different positions and departments only to strengthen India. He remained in opposition as well to make the democracy stronger. Being in opposition doesn't mean they are an enemy to the Govt. but to improve the performances of the Govt. There are agreements and disagreements but that is not the reason calling them an enemy. Govt. and opposition sit in the parliament not to train guns at each other but to strengthen the democratic setup.
    About Gulam Nabi Azad getting emotional in the parliament, I think it is a natural thing as Azad is leaving after serving the country for a twenty-eight year in different positions. Modi too got emotional which is also a natural thing. But we can't exaggerate it beyond formal goodbye to those parliamentarians who served there for many years.

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    The caption was right as both parties consider enemy to each other.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even an enemy of us dies we will feel and get emotional. That is the nature of the human being. In politics, today's enemy may be tomorrow's friend. So we can't say that they or friends or enemies. Babu was against Congress. But he made friends with Congress in Telangana during last elections. Persons in different parties maybe friends in their personal lives. We don't know exactly what is the reason?
    Modi may be having a good relation with Azad. He might have been remembering the help rendered by Azad and he became emotional. Accepting the greatness of somebody we helped us even though our ideologies are different and helping others from other parties is also a great issue and Azad deserves that appreciation from the Prime Minister.
    One should think about the needy and help them irrespective of party and affiliations, I feel.

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    Sai Sir's comment on Modi being an emotional person can be considered as a good joke. A person who was not moved when millions of people started walking back to their native places cannot be called an emotional person. The same great man did not even say a single word like "sorry", when over two thousand innocent Muslims were butchered in Gujarat.

    Even today, when the economic record of his Government is so pathetic, he does not become emotional at all. He is a big capitalist at heart and wants to give all concessions to just two Gujarati Industrialists, whose names are well known. He has had scant regard for even Mahatma Gandhi and when the communal RSS elements were engaged in lynching, he did not condemn that at all.

    Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. But Saji Sir is somehow way off the actual position. Well, i know at least two more regular Members will pounce on me. Modi's act of praising Mr. Azad is to cleverly create a wedge in the Congress, as Mr. Azad is among those who are against the present Congress leadership.

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    I read somewhere that after the 1962 war against China a song was written by poet Pradeep and sung by Lata Mangeshkar for a movie:

    Ae mere Watan Ke logo
    zara ankh me bhar lo pani
    jo shaheed hue hen unki
    Zara yad Karo Qurbani

    This song still enchants our heart.
    She sang this song in Ramlila maidan New Delhi on 27 January 1963 in presence of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Listening to this song Nehru cried. She narrated this incident in a programme in which Modiji as CM of Gujarat was also there. She recalled the incident that When she had sung her song Nehru met her. His eyes were full of tears. He said to her, "You made me cry".

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    I think both the leaders have shown extreme courtesy to each other and it is in very good taste. This has showcased a behaviour pattern for other leaders also who start fighting on small matters. Mr Modi is already well known for his excellent oration skills and telling many things in a subtle but understandable ways. He had done the same thing in the Rajya Sabha that day and of course Ghulam Nabi Azad also reciprocated well.
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