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    There is no other alternative to hardwork but there are ways.

    We all know that there is no other alternative to hard work, that is, if you think that just be comfortable and still you get the desired results then it will not happen. But there is also a way to do hardwork, so some people continue to do hardwork all their life and some people get progress with hardwork. A person starts his/her hardwork from the morning and only keeps working all day, this is also one kind of hard work which we often found around us.

    On the other hand, a person first understands what skills he/she needs to perform a particular task or job and then works hard to make those skills strong and after learning for a few days, he/she along with his/her skill in that work It also gives opportunity for other enhancement in life.
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    Understanding the work, using the skills required and completing the work will have an advantage definitely than working hard without understanding the job. A daily wage worker has to work all the 8 hours physically to get his wage. But an employee has to use his mental capabilities also and work for the time required to get his salary. A person who is working hard physically may be getting rewarded less than the person who works with his brain. In both the cases dedication, concentration and focus are required. If we understand the subject well we may be able to do it better and fast than the other people. That is why getting the required skills is a plus point for all of us.
    Some people will have the talent of organising the work properly and they can execute the works easily. Some people will not have these organising skills and they may suffer a lot in executing their works. All can't work in the same fashion. Person to person there will be a difference.

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    People are now accustomed to smart work and not hard work. If the work is consistent and result oriented surely the results would be baffling and even surprise the others. Some people do hard work of same genre and would not come out of the frame. Some do hard work on different genre and they would excel in every sphere of the work and thus recognized as the hard core hard workers. These are people trusted and believed by the management because they are sincere and would not go wrong. And these are the people envied by other employees for their sheer proximity to the management.
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    Yes, there is no alternative substitute of hard working. But without knowing the skill or technique required for a particular job ,engage to do that job with hard working is not really defined hard working but known to be fruitless works. If anyone is doing the jobs by using any modern technical Machinery ,then that should also be treated as hard working to complete the same in time. Hence hard working does not necessarily means the time factors in all case, it is the quality of the personnel to do his jobs with in time with honesty, integrity and responsibility . Those who are hard working ,might success in their life in their appropriate fields.Thanks.
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    Hard work does not necessarily guarantee you success in your job execution but if one is aware of the technique in handling a job successfully, one can surely attain the the job. There should be application of brain in exploration of the means which can shorten the process and without this running here and there showing that one's efficiency is of no use. Prior to taking up any job, detailed analysis of the work is required. One should have the thorough idea how best the job can initiated to arrive at the final result within the reasonable time. Understanding the different stages of the work will help one in successful execution of the job assigned.

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    Some people work hard from morning till evening but earn a few hundred rupee notes. Some people work hard for a few hours but earn in thousands. A few people are in this world earn millions of rupees per day. They are real kings of their respective countries. They are like stars in business world. They are not met but only heard about.

    But we are common people. We should start our day before sun rising and should spend a disciplined life and try to make life happy by working hard.

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    Misunderstanding at work could be avoided if we boost the morale of employees. This is possible if we providee effective Employee Rewards System.

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    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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