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    Do not help anyone just for formality.

    There is a ghat of the Narmada river near my house, where I went yesterday because it was Pradosh yesterday. There, I noticed one thing this time that many people were donating to the poor sitting over there, especially food items. But what was strange that all the people were being given their food at one place, one behind the other, they were giving only 8, 10 poor people who were sitting in front or near the ghat.

    While another group of poor people was sitting on the ghat itself, which was a short distance away, but people were not going to them due to laziness or perhaps ignorance, when I reached there with my brother, then we understood they were quite older. The elderly were about 75 years of age and had nothing to eat. But due to their age and weak body, those elders were not able to reach the place where food was being distributed. I did not take anything to eat from home, so then I bought some food items from a nearby shop and gave them to them, they just started to eat it and then I feel inner happiness when those poor old people start having those times.

    Some people go to such places with the intention of earning virtue by donating, but maybe after that, our focus remains only on distributing food. Whereas our focus should first be to first meet the needs of those who need it more. If some poor people have already been given enough food to eat, then we should find another hungry poor. Should not help Just for the sake of formality or show off.
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    Hats off to the author for showing this kind of magnanimity for poor hungry. It is a great deed that the author spent money to feed them.
    The teaching of this thread is that we should not forget about old needy people to help them. They are too weak to walk. Donors should feed them too.

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    Well helping poor people is one of the greatest Charity. It gives inner peace and satisfaction, encourages people to give more to the needy and poor people. In fact, it is our responsibility to help the needy and look around for the needy and make sure no one sleeps hungry.
    There are still some great people who look after these needy and poor people and always pay for them and help them as per their capacity. Such a spirit should develop in everyone so everyone can live happily and peacefully. And during the festive occasions, we should also take a look at these poor people and help them and get them involved in the festivity.
    Unfortunately, there are also some people who don't even stare an eye on these people and leave them without serving a penny. That is cruel and arrogance! Serve these poor people to serve humanity!

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    Helping poor and donating food to the needy is a very good habit. When a person is hungry, if we give him food, he feels that we have given him rebirth. That is why people always say donating food is the best help you can do. We should give food to the people who are really hungry.
    Near temples, beggars sit in a row people who are near the exit of the temple will get more donations. In some places, a group will have an understanding and they will pool up the money and then get distributed equally among them. If a poor man is having more food and another person is sitting by his side with hunger, this man may give the excess food to him. They may have that understanding.
    However, the donor understands that the people who are a little away are not getting proper help and if he goes there and helps him it will be very good.

    always confident

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