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    Why to fight when we cannot keep it till end?

    In society it is very common to have conflict and confrontation between people on various matters especially when the people are not like minded and have different ideologies and conviction in a particular matter. Sometimes these conflicts mushroom to bigger proportions and groups of people start fighting with each other which is of course an unfortunate thing to happen. The result of such confrontations is generally not conclusive as these arise because of immaturity of minds and are not focussed on some important issue for the benefit of society. Generally, personal ego is the root cause of such conflicts. In most of the cases what happens is these people realise their mistakes and feel that they have unnecessarily confronted for some insignificant thing. So, though none of them agrees with the others point of view but due to ego they keep this awareness within themselves. My question is why we should start a fight when we fully know that there is no end or resolution for it?
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    The author has rightly said, many times a situation arises when our person's thoughts do not same in any topic and we do not want to understand their views, in such a situation a debate starts which becomes a form of quarrel. But there is no end to such debates because no matter how much we try, we cannot change anyone's thinking and no one changes our thinking. Such a situation is the best means that either of the two parties should calm down, it is natural that we do not have control over the front but it is on ourselves that is why we should calm ourselves down. In such a quarrel, in the end, it happens that even if the fight ends after a big fight, but the thought remains the same. Therefore, do not get entangled without satisfying your ego. The calmer you are, the more peaceful you will be. If you have to prove your words right, then use action instead of words.

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    It is true. Sometimes based on the seriousness of the issue, when we feel the issue is not very important, we can leave it and adjust ourselves instead of confronting with somebody else. It is a waste of time and there is no guarantee that the outcome will be in favour of us.
    Sometimes we see people shouting on each other for petty matters. When we stand in a queue some person will try to go on the shortcut and when we question him, he starts shouting onus. If the people around us also start shouting on him, he will keep silent. But if everybody is silent the person will try to take the advantage.
    If you are fully convinced that you are correct and the matter is serious enough to go for a confrontation, then only come out with your language heavily. Otherwise, just adjust and move forward.

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    You cannot remain in peace unless you resolve your pending issues with the man connected to the same problem. He may examine your inherent strength and weakness before harassing you with the unresolved issue. If you can put forth your justified idea related to the issue, he may change his recourse and can mend his ways in your favour. If the issues are not resolved as expected from your end, consult a reputed lawyer and drag him to the court as suggested by your lawyer. If the lawyer is smart, he may devise ways to implicate some criminal charges and for which he might send to jail. However before doing that let your intention surface before your opponent so that he comes to your terms.

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    Conflicts and confrontations are a part of our lives and we cannot escape from them so easily. Even the wisest ones lose their patience and start fighting like an immature person and later simply repent on their impatience and excitement. This is a real life phenomenon and there is nothing unusual in it. It is true that we have to keep a calm on our temperament and avoid unnecessary clash.
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    The author has raised a genuine problem. Confrontation and conflict in debate is the outcome of personal ego. Both persons who are engaged in debate throw their arguments on each other for defeating each other. Both of them have made up their mind to debunk and refute each other. They put pressure on each other to accept their ad hominem. This futile debate wastes precious time of people. If debate continues further, it may take abusive language and passing insulting remarks to each other and in some cases, eventually, it changes into quarrel. They are engaged to babbling against each other without listening to what other person is throwing. Their useless and rubbish debate invites other people to interfere and mediate between them.
    I think healthy discussion is the best source of knowledge. If we engage in such a fruitful discussion, surely we gain knowledge from other people, we can't predict that other person has or has not more knowledge than us until we discuss with him. I like to discuss with knowledgable people. They are walking library for me. I can gain knowledge without studying or reading books. They share their knowledge and I try to grasp their treasure. They are really pragmatic people who render me chunk of knowledge.
    In my opinion the best way to discuss with people is that we should have habit of listening to others attentively. It encourages them to express their views and opening the box of their knowledge. If you have deep knowledge of the subject you are talking about, even in this situation it is good for you to listen to him calmly without interfering him and let him speak unless he is exhausted. When he finishes his arguments then you take your turn and begin to pour out your knowledge in a decent way without disrespecting or hurting him. At the end of the day you will see that he recognises your knowledge with heart. You will win his heart and debate effortlessly.

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    If people realize in the beginning that the outcome of such fights is a big zero then I think they will never engage in such fights. But the problem is we realize things much later either by analyzing it ourselves or on the suggestions of others. It's our tendency to think we cannot be wrong. Just imagine what can happen if everybody starts thinking that she/he is right and not only that more right than the other person. This type of thinking will give rise to unnecessary conflicts and that's what we see regularly in many aspects of our lives.

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