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    "The worst form of injustice is pretended justice."

    The people are subjected to injustice by the rich and powerful from time immemorial. In the name of providing employment, the working class is exploited by the rich industrialists and the fruits of their labor are enjoyed by them in the shape of profits. In the pandemic time, we have seen that many of the working class lost their jobs and their means of livelihood. Many of the industrialists made profits in the pandemic time also. The working class was not taken care of in a time of need.

    Many people are arrested by the law enforcing authorities to do justice. Those arrested languish in jails as undertrials for a long time as the Courts of Law are burdened with a heavy load of cases. Recently we heard about a person released after 23 years in prison and let out as innocent. In such cases, the lives are spoiled due to the authorities who arrested them without fair and proper investigation. This is all pretended justice. This is the worst form of injustice.

    This is a quote by Plato.
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    True. A culprit can be left without a punishment but an innocent can't be punished. This is what Law says. A person who spent 23 years in jail means he lost his active and productive life in jail. What compensation he can get for that? Who will pay the same? Now he may not live on his own and on whom he will depend?
    He should be given huge compensations taking his valuable time lost in the jail into account.
    In India it is becoming a problem. Cases are getting pending and taking a lot of time. Criminals are roaming on the roads and innocents are suffering in the jails.
    A mechanism is to be brought to see that all the cases will be disposed off in a reasonable time period. Fast track courts are to be brought in all the states and see that all the cases will be disposed off at the earliest.

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    We need Judicial reforms. No court case should be kept pending beyond certain years. Judgement should be pronounced within a specified time frame. Prolonging a case in court for many years with repeated adjournments and hearings is mainly to feed the lawyers who live on court cases.

    Irrespective of the cases whether criminal or civil, the case should be closed within a year. We need to revamp our Judiciary. Who will bell the cat?

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    Higher class always suppresses the lower class. This trend has been in practice for centuries. Now superiority of upper class may be defined in different ways. But the main reason for this superiority is wealth and money. Wealth makes people superior. The system in human society is controlled by power and power comes by money and money can't be hoarded until the treasure is centralised into a few hands. If you consider wealth scattered in all countries, the rich have their own place. Capitalism has always been an acceptable force in the entire system for governing a country. In the whole scenario, poor and downtrodden are pushed to the wall as voiceless.
    The author has mentioned about a hapless and wretched person who lost his precious 23 years for no crime. It's sheer injustice with him. Why there is no punishment for those people who destroyed his life. It can be understood that the court has an overload of cases, so the speedy trial isn't possible. Why cases are not nipped in the bud before dragging into court. Gram Panchayat can play a big role in it. They may hear the dispute and settle them on time.

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