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    Food fortification helps to reducing malnutrition.

    Malnutrition has always been a major problem in India, and even today, many years after independence, our condition is not satisfactory but worrying in terms of nutrition. Malnutrition is not just limited to statistics but is a vital necessity of human life and hence our preference should be not only to provide food to the children but also to give them balanced and nourishing food.

    We are all of those fortunate people who have not found anyone special to suffer from malnutrition in our families, but we know that malnutrition is not allowing the lives to develop of many innocent children in India. In such a situation, we should also help such people at our level as much as possible.

    There are many discussions in the Commission regarding the reduction of malnutrition through the process of food fortification. Through this process, nutritional deficiency is removed by increasing the number of micronutrients in foods. It is expected that the process of food fortification should have good results. It is believed that this is a progressive process to end the problem of malnutrition in India if the corruption will stay away from it. This responsibility should be with each family along with the country.
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    According to me, the malnutrition in present days prevailing only because of their mal observation. Many people decide their food practice just by following the advice found in websites. As the websites are giving facts in general and we should take it granted for our own just by considering the indications in general. I have seen a person who is highly educated but a computer savvy who fell total sick by considering his general illness into a big one and consulting many doctors and by this way he took many medicines and skipping his own normal food practice and thereby his convalescence become poor. He was very adamant in hearing others as he hold himself is correct.

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    Food fortification is a process of adding micronutrients to the food we eat. This is also called enrichment. We know mineral water. First, the water will be demineralised and then the addition of some minerals which are essential will be carried to the water and we call it as mineral water. This is an example of food fortification.
    Malnutrition is a big problem, especially in poor families and villages. They are not aware of the importance of food habits to the children. But these days we are seeing some improvements in this area. Many doctors are making their patients educated about this and trying to see that malnutrition to the children is eliminated.

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