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    Persons by our side decide our actions sometimes

    We do normally do some actions at our own. But in the following situations the persons by our side decide our actions whether to do or not to do.
    1.When we travel in a car we should not sleep if we sit by the side of the driving person
    2.We cannot eat sweets and other items as we please if we sit by the side of a diabetic person
    3.We cannot enjoy a film or serial or a program of our mother tongue when we sit with other whose mother tongue is different
    4.We cannot go out when we are sitting as an attendant to a patient
    5.We cannot be free when the other person is very workholic
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    That is very true. When we are with the family, another member of the family may decide what we have to eat for that day also. This is called environmental effects. When our wife eats less salt we will also get accustomed to that as she will be cooking the food. Our wife has to cook whatever vegetable we ring from outside whether she likes it or not. These issues are not major issues. We have pleasure in adjusting ourselves for the sake of our neighbours. My MD used to take only Vegetarian whenever we go together as I am a pure vegetarian. We spent 15 days together in China and we have to do a lot of travel to get a vegetarian restaurant for eating.
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    I agree with the author and I appreciate him to highlight this aspect of social life. All the points are relevant to specific situations and we are bound to stick to these rules without being tied with rope. But we are careless in some matters like if someone visits our home and we are watching TV show then instead of switching it off we talk to him for formalities while TV is still on and wish that he should go soon. however, in some situations, it sounds very hard to stay with him when we have to go somewhere for any important work but he is sitting with us and we can not leave him. This is really very difficult situation for us.
    If we offer someone to have food with us and we have filled our stomach but he is still eating, in this situation, what you will do? I think we should not move until he finishes his food, although we have done it, moreover, we should keep on sitting and should keep on pretending to continue eating.

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