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    The mistakes of our enemies will be more glaring to us.

    We are all human beings and we may do mistakes. Nobody can say that he never did any mistake. To err is human. When the mistake committed by somebody else affects us, we react immediately. But the moment we came to know that the mistake is committed by our friend or a family member we will try to downplay the same.

    But if the same mistake is committed by a person whom we don't like or by our enemy, our reaction will be entirely different. We will try to make an issue out of no issue and create a serious atmosphere and try to see that the mistake will be noticed by everybody.

    This type of reaction will be seen more in the work area. I feel it is not a good trait and mistake should be seen as a mistake irrespective of the person who did the same. I like to know the views of other members.
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    Mistake is mistake, who does it, it does not matter. But mistake is a common activity, anybody can do it. This is sheer prejudice to defend some mistakes and criticise others' mistakes. If I do a mistake then it is a human error but my opponent does it becomes a blunder. It's simply rubbish.
    I see another trend that if opponent criticise our mistake we will not defend our mistake, instead, we will begin criticise opponents' mistake. This is the best way to do counter attack on others. Surprisingly, I see this trend is highly popular in media debate. Viewers love cherry picking. This cherry-picking, these people use as a trick and we love to embrace it.

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    As the author said it is true, the basic nature of man indeed is that he has to make mistakes many times. Making a mistake does not mean that a person should be shown down or make his spectacle in society or the world. If someone accepts a mistake, then he should give a chance to rectify the mistake and learn from it. If we hide our mistakes to the enemy or any of our own or even tell them to everyone, then both types of behavior will be wrong. Taking the mistake as a process, the day we take it, the day the domestic tribulation will end automatically. But man does not want to do this, rather he makes another mistake of another's mistake, at that time he forgets that the day his mistakes are counted, he will not get close to himself. Therefore, in such a situation, we should give up the mistake of blaming others, which may be ours at times.

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    We the human beings always buy some fun and solace from the acts of others and that includes we would more interested to pull those who are not liked by us for the cause of enmity for the mistakes done. In that event we would be eagerly waiting for others to commit mistake so that it can be blown out of proportion and pointed out to them. Actually we must allow others to learn through their mistakes and should not pull them for the same and that trait is vary in many of us. Nevertheless we receive some sort of happiness when others commit mistakes.
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