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    What social media replaced Tik Tok at present in India?

    The Indian government banned various Chinese Apps. and also various Chinese games. Out of these, Tik Tok and Pubgee games are more popular ones. Tik Tok ruled Indian youth where they posted lots of entertaining activities on daily basis. The next Pubgee game stole the hearts of gadget game lovers. But because ban of these two many youths got disappointed. Some Indian companies promised to create alternatives for these Apps. Are there any new such Apps? Created by India that got that famous. According to you, what are such equivalent Apps. that got famous in India at present?
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    It cannot be denied that both Tik Tok and Pubg apps of China were very famous and every Indian youth were habituated with them. But unfortunately both apps along with other apps were banned by India after Chinar border face off and I fear no apps could come on par with these apps. Though Indian apps on the same lines are being introduced and try to compete, we cannot have the popularity of Tik Tok and Pubg which enjoyed the patronage of world population in general. May be other apps would be found soon and we would be treated with best that the previous ones.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have never used TikTok and never played pubg so I can't say what are alternatives for users. World of the internet is so vast and users will find effortlessly other platforms for entertainment. Now, the Indian government has decided to boycott Twitter as well, although it has nothing to do with China but there has been a tussle between Information ministry and Twitter regarding different accounts which are pro farmers and active on spreading propaganda against the government. Now it is being reported that Coo app is going to be promoted in place of Twitter. Let us see what happens next.

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    Tik Tok and Pubgee were very popular among the Indian Youth. Due to various reasons, the Indian government banned them. Many young generations felt bad and got annoyed. They couldn't get a suitable alternative. That is why they are more worried. I never used those apps and hence I am not feeling any difference. Even I am not a user of Twitter. So by any chance, if the government bans that app also, I will not have any problem. But many people may feel the difference if Twitter is banned. Many of the political leaders also use this app.
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