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    High price of domestic consumable products

    Prices of daily domestic needs are increasing day by day and as a result, they are going beyond the capacity of the common man. The price of vegetables, fish, egg etc all are shooting up almost on a daily basis. You are somehow managing your budget without buying sufficient quantities because your income is not increasing to that extent. In all other areas also the same inflationary situation is prevailing. On the other hand, retired personnel who are basically depending on interest income are facing acute shortage of income flow due to the drastic reduction of all interest rates. Under the situation what measures should be taken by the Govt. to tackle the situation? Please share.

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    I do agree with the author that the basic product prices has gone up and middle class is battered with low salary and high cost of living and thus unable to face the brunt of extra burden. Be it cooking oil, rice or even vegetables or fruit. the prices are increasing than ever before. The reason being the political pressure on the manufacturers and producers who have been pressurized for the hefty donations and thus the cost has been transferred to the customers. This will continue till the elections are over and the new govt would tame the market. This is happening during every time of polls.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This price hike we have been experiencing for several years but it is not in our hands. What we can do to stop price hike except expecting that government will give some relief. But I don't think this price hike is ever going to be curbed. Once the price of any commodity goes up, it hardly comes down. If farmers' demands are not accepted and they go back home, we will face big food crisis in our country. Rich people will not be affected at all but common people and small businessmen will be affected quite badly. It will be extremely difficult to survive. Reason is that farm law about essential commodity (act 2020) legalise black marketing. Today, if police raids on black marketing culprits, they will be arrested but if this law is implemented then black marketing will no more be a crime.

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    Yes, the prices of all commodities gone up. The vegetable oil, pulses, rice, onions, cement, Iron, vegetables, fruits, LPG cylinders, electricity bills, etc. have gone up steeply. The petrol, diesel prices increasing day by day will further affect the cost of all commodities. The Agri cess announced in the budget will further cascade the cost of living in future. Common man become scapegoat as the monthly earnings fallen short because of Covid-19 pandemic. Farmers agitation will further affect the production of food grains if the problem is not amicably settled.

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    I am sorry to state that the prices of anything in the present scenario is just like that fixed by individuals without considering supply, demand and perishable nature. The vendors by thinking revenging the government they are losing many things by pouring their sale products on the roads and seeking publicity. So the price rise is just by wantonly created. We public instead of protesting can avoid buying such products.

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    Our government has taken suitable action to bring down the prices of commodities that are produced by farmers who are compelled to sell at cheap rates to middlemen, bought at cheap rates, and sold at high rates by middlemen to the consumers. The latest farm laws cut off the middlemen and help the farmers to make a reasonable profit, and the customer gets it at a reasonable price. This is objected to by the middlemen whose earning will be affected. The reform of farm laws is the only solution to the problem that we are facing now. Let the farmers sell their products directly to the consumers without any middlemen involvement.
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    What the vigilance department is doing. They should raid the traders hoarding the stocks for probable big hike and that way the goods can be released in the market.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The prices of essential commodities are rising continuously and as such all the edible items such as pulse, rice, wheat, vegetables, oils are beyond the reach of common men. Even the petrol prices have galloped substantially making us difficult to manage our outings with bikes or scooters. The cost of petrolium products would further push up the prices of the entire consumable items especially in such a phase when a lot of workforce lost their jobs in the wake of corona pandemic. There is no possibility of creation of employment
    of these retrenched workforce due to sluggish condition of economy.
    Hence the entire agencies such as vigilance department and other related agencies should take every steps to contain the prices so that prices become affordable to the common masses during this difficult time.

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    @ Mohan 722981: Mr. Mohan, you are asking what the vigilance department is doing? Now "The Essential Commodities Amendment Act" is put under temporary suspension by the Supreme Court of India. If that act were in force, traders can stock any quantity of commodities. They cannot be held guilty of hoarding. The Government will not interfere even if they sell it at higher prices unless there is a 100% increase in the retail price of the horticulture produce or a 50% increase in the retail price of non-perishable agricultural foodstuffs, over the price prevailing immediately preceding twelve months or average retail price of last five years whichever is lower. If that act is in operation now, no one can question the traders.
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    Inflation is a well known process and every year the rates will be higher than the last year except for some items where demand is much less than the production. This is a common thing happening worldwide though it is more prominent in developing and backward economies. If we see the historical inflate data for last 30 years then the average annual inflation rate is about 7-8%. Until we become an advanced and fully developed country this trend is not going to reduce. People should go for New Pension Scheme, as announced by Govt a few years back, for their old age support as fixed deposit interest rates are going down and interest earned on them by senior citizens is very less.
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    That is right. Essential items rates are increasing and it is becoming very difficult to meet the expenses for a middle-class family. The governments are giving free money and free items to poor families. But that alone can't make them to have a problem less life. A solution to this problem is only to create employment and see that all will have jobs so that they can earn and live.
    The daily wage for a skilled worker in a village is Rs.750/-. An unskilled worker is getting Rs.500/-. Even then getting people for jobs is becoming difficult. The middle-class families where the members there can't go for daily wages and they will not get jobs. They are really suffering.

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    Prices are increasing day by day and for a housewife it is becoming difficult to manage the expenses within the limited budget. Some people say that earnings are also increasing and buying power of the people is also increasing. It might be true for a few of them but when it comes to the poor and lowly paid workers, there is nothing like this happening in the real world. So, Govt has to control the price rise through some mechanism may be by offloading more material in the market from the Govt warehouses or any such measure which may bring the prices down by making the availability on a higher side.
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