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    Popularity of a person depends on his experience or know how?

    We would be after some professionals and service persons who are being frequently contacted by us for the taking their product or services. In that process we do want to ensure that we contact the right person of right caliber so that right thing is available at time. How would you choose a person ? Either through greater experience in the field or have the great know how of the subject. There are consultants to the companies who thrive on their best advice and even for polls management consultants are being roped in.
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    We should not rely on a person whose services we want to avail. I think we should contact to different professionals who are providing same services in the same field. We can contact them or may call them to visit us by turn and this way we can come to know about their offers. When we are paying money then we should contact different outlets for what we want to avail. Some people don't like to have quotations from different parties or professionals. They are satisfied to a particular party or company or professional I don't say his services are not satisfactory, rather I assert to contact other people also for competitive rates We should choose best offer from difference sources. In this way we will not be cheated or made a nutcase.

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    Many factors will be there in this. The capability of the individual. His knowledge levels and understanding levels will be considered before making a decision. At the same time, the cost of the service is also a very important factor to e considered before finalising the issue.
    There are people who have vast experience in the field. But their experience is in simply executing the work and if he is not having any troubleshooting and trouble solving experience, he may not be the best bet for offering him consultancy. A person with the overall experience will be a better option even though he is a little costly.

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