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    Do you think teaching became tougher or easier due to the advent of Computer and Internet technology

    In the past teacher whatever they say is the final for students. The student has to obey the teacher without any second thought in the case of education. At present, the whole world is ruled by computer and internet technology. In the case of education, this technology becoming more prominent. Teachers also taking the help of modern technology in teaching. Students are getting more information about their studies from this technology. Teachers if they don't update through this technology become be little in front of students. Considering this situation, do you think the position of the present teacher became tougher or easier?
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    What I feel that the computers and internet knowledge can be supplementary to the cause of education but basically we have been habituated to teaching by the qualified teachers who not only impart the basic educations and that would give us the impetus to learn in the right way. I came to know from my relatives residing in other countries that up to fifth standard the students there are not habituated to writing but only observation and talking ability. Though it is also important to create conversing ability among the students, what is the use of missing all those initial primary education which seeks to dwell with basics in a systematic manner and suddenly from sixth standard the student is exposed to computer education and Internet feed. Indian system of schooling through teach is the best way to impart quality studies.
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    Computer and internet technology gives a good support for students, no doubt, but at the same time they give information in general. By keeping in mind, not only students but general persons also should come to a conclusion or decision applicable to the individual. Many people when feeling some set back in health, immediately they refer internet and have unnecessary confusion and thereby they increase their setback.
    Similarly students by referring internet etc they keep their mindset according to it and do not believe the words of teacher. In such cases it is very difficult to a teacher to convince the student. They sometimes abuse or comment the teacher does not know the subject.

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    Those teachers who update along with the technology will have no issues. With the advent of technologies like the Internet, wi-fi, etc., every school will try to use advanced methods or at some point, they will be forced to update. At that time, if teachers also getting updated then they won't have any issues. Initially, it could be difficult, but there may not be much for them to learn.

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    I don't know whether it has become easy or tough. But it has become convenient. By using computers new teaching aids are being created which will help the teacher in conveying the subject to the student. PowerPoint Presentations and models from the internet are coming in handy to the teacher for conducting the class more efficiently.
    They need not spend more time in the library and read books to get updated with the subject. Once they get updated there will not be any issue with the students also.
    As a matter of fact, making teaching notes, preparing model papers and getting the answers to the questions given in the examination is now easy for the teachers when compared to earlier days.

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