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    Why some people develop enmity towards those who perform well in their field?

    Whether at the home, office or in the society, if we perform well, outsmarting others, instead of praising and applauding our efforts for thinking on the right path, people try to find fault and try to corner us and eventually develops an enmity towards us. When we are not doing any damage to others nor are we trying to overtake or sidetrack others, then why should there be such negative reactions? If this attitude continues, even the good performers would backtrack and go slow because there is no use of showing concern and commitment to the work.

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    For the commendable performance done by someone, one would like to get some reward in the form of cash or kind and in that way, one would get suitable motivation in sustaining one's job. The author is right that in lieu of getting accolades, somehow or the other some people known to him would try to find out mistakes or look all the possibilities where he could be cornered. In fact, mentality of the people is like this since majority of people are happy when they find some faults in your job.
    Under such a situation, trust yourself and carry on your job sincerely without having expectation from any one else.

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    Some people are too miser to praise others. What you can do, nothing. This is their habit to pull legs of others and finding faults. If you are right then don't heed to what people say about you. Very few people will like to see you performing well and progressing. Generally, people don't applaud others and don't feel happy if applauded by some other people.

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    Human characteristics of competitiveness and desire to do better than others is a well known thing in the world but when it is not fulfilled then it converts itself into jealousy and ill thinking about others who are doing better or are successful in that particular common arena. So it is a common thing but is in a bad taste. At the same time, there are prudent and wise people, albeit a few, who do not have jealousy for others success and appreciate that much. I think and strongly feel that by controlling our thoughts logically and coherently we can bring and inculcate that great attribute of not having envy with others in the worldly matters as people are reaping the benefits and accolades as per their hard work, efficiency, and performance. There is no point in unnecessarily worrying and bothering about the success of other people. We have to focus and concentrate in our work.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Always there will be a competition either in the office or in the school for all the members. When such competition is there only the best in the individual will come out. Every person wants to excel in his/her career. In that pursuit, they work hard and keep the focus on his career. He never bothers about how the other people are performing. But there may be some people who will not have the potential to be in competition. Such people may try other ways. Trying to find fault with performing will be the job of such people only. But such people can't shine for long. Trying to find fault with others will never be treated as a good habit. The bosses will know this. They will utilise these people to know how the other members are performing but they will never go by their words. They follow the results obtained and see who is doing what. So a real performer need not bother about problems created by such people. Always minding our work and not worrying about the works of other people is the best way to progress in the organisation.
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    Instead of enmity they can try to surpass the targets with competative spirit.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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