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    Revision is important along with learning.

    Revision is a word that has importance in every field and every phase of life. The greater the importance of studies, the more important it is to revise what we learn. Whether the child is weak in studies, average, or very smart or intelligent, revision is important for everyone. Forgetting is a natural process and no student should have negativity about it. Rather, revision is necessary for all common people. Even if we have become skilled in some work, it does not mean that we no longer need revision. We should always convince ourselves that we can learn something new for life and revision of what we have already learned.
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    The author has presented a relevant article highlighting the importance of revision. Forgetting the chapter in absence of revision is the natural phenomena and the students should revise the chapters time to time. Initially the frequency should be on regular basis and later it can be taken up twice a week after certain stages. After the revision of the same in such time interval, revising weekly can be the ideal option.
    Revision has miracle effects, in my case many mathematical formulas and applications relating to Mathematics in the different sections such as Trigonometry, Calculas, Vector, Algebra, I still have the basic concepts up to graduation level though I graduated in 1969 and I need not require any revision for such sections because of repeated revisions of these streams in my college days.

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    Revision is also a part of learning. We should remember what we learned. Sometimes over a period of time, we may forget the subject what we studied. So to avoid that problem we should go for a revision of the subject what was taught to us.
    During our education, we read lessons in the chronological order. When we learn a new chapter something we learned earlier may be required to understand the subject well. Such times we should go back and refer to that subject. That will become a revision and we will understand the subject newly taught also well.

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    It is good to revise what has been written and learned. By writing we half learn and by revision we learn the full. By reading what is written there can be correction checks on the one hand and also learning on the other hand. And if the revision is made with loud learning then it is more powerful and important. That is the reason being so primary class students are asked to repeat what is written on the black board and thus they learn by heart. Most of the primary students make this type of learning must as they do not learn at the home.
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    Revision of previous chapters is necessary for students because forget fullness is a common shortcoming of students. They study in the class and understand what is taught to them but gradually, it removes from their memory and forget what they have learnt in school. Revision is a good habit. It keeps study and knowledge intact.
    They are careless about revision at home. They feel like to play after coming from school. Also, they like to spend their time on mobile and browsing social media. They forget to revise as they devote their maximum time to social media or games. Teachers should focus on the revision of their study and should remind them to revise every day what they are taught. Parents should also pay attention to it. They have to see if their children revise their chapters daily. Especially, mathematics requires extra time to study. They should be encouraged and appreciated for their study too.

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    Human memory is fantastic and amazing but at the same time it is not able to remember everything it reads or acquires. Our mind has a unique system of working and is much different from the computer memory. We remember what we like and what is important to us and that is the most amazing part of our memory. Certain things which have hurt us or shocked us also remain inout memory. A bad childhood incident remains in memory for a long.

    Here comes the value of revision. When we want that a certain thing is to be remembered for a long time then revisions come handy and is the only way to remember it for a longer time. Depending on the intelligence and retaining strengths of the individuals the revisions also differ from person to person in the sense that some people have to do more revisions than others. So, that is a very important point and the reason as why two students score same though their study hours differ significantly.

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    Revision has a great importance in our lives. Sometimes it is inevitable and we cannot manage without revision. During our student lives we always revised the course to get good scores. Even today if we have to do a job properly that we revise our task or project before taking it up.
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