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    Learning Google as a subject of study paper in academic education

    Do you think Google can be studied as a subject in the educational curriculum? What are the benefits, if any, of doing so can be brought out in a discussion in this thread.

    The education system is the most dynamic object and needs amendment on the basis of the demand of the society at large. In the 21st century, what is important to everybody and what one needs to understand to acquire adequate knowledge is the Internet. In this regard, Google is one of the best platforms to stay with. I think there are various employment opportunities available through Google. And many people throughout the world are employed directly or indirectly with Google and are maintaining their families. The Google platform is also able to solve many purposes of society.

    I think it is essential for every learner from a student to the teachers to know the detailed functioning, techniques, utilities etc. that Google can give to us or how to use Google to get various benefits. So it should be a subject in the modern education system. What is your thinking on this?
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    Very well thought and point to discuss in this 21st century and the current pandemic time when everyone is using it for most of their work, earning, learning, surfing, communicating, socializing, entertainment, etc. As everyone has smartphones and use the internet on the go, it has become very easy for us to get everything in our fingertip. From searching details of any place, route map, new technology, news updates, etc and we can even search if we just remember just a bit of that thing, place, information, etc. When everyone knows to use google, the worlds best search engine, why not teach the correct and proper benefits that it can be provided by knowing how to use when to use, the terms, conditions, piracy policies, etc which can be taught to children as a curriculum that will help them to know more about it and make the best use of it in the future.
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    Google is one of the biggest platform in online having a plethora of facilities in it for the users and provides equally good number of free or paid services for the users. So, it is definitely a great place for learning of all sorts. Recently, I got introduced to its free learning program where a number of topics are delivered through videos and end of chapter and end of course assessment. The name of the programme is 'Google Garage'. This is just one of them and Google offers so many things for the surfers and the users. There is no second opinion that Google is a big and versatile platform and students can be exposed to it to understand the modalities of Google's working and business techniques. We all know that Google earns mainly from advertising income and then from some of its paid services. The yearly revenue of Google are to the tune of 181 billion dollars which is almost equal to a whopping Rs 1300000 crores. Learning about such companies is itself a remarkable achievement.
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    It is the fact that we are exposed to the Google and internet and much depended on the information galore and therefore it is imperative for us to learn about the same from the school level itself as the students need to verify the veracity and also the related subjects and for the elders also they have to learn Google for many reasons and to be kept updated. Even location sharing is the tutorial for the house holds and others and thus Google has become a must learn subject in schooling itself and there is no second opinion.
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