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    Is appreciation good for a child's development?

    The newly born and growing children possess various traits inherently. Some of these traits are good for their growth and development. Appreciation is one motivating factor that affects the development of a child in life. These children need appreciation all the time to motivate themselves to be more successful. But the environment in which they grow may not get such appreciation everywhere and that may demotivate them in their development. In such a case how parents have to mould them for their growth? Will too much appreciation will become toxic and have a negative effect on the development of a child? Is it necessary for parents to maintain a balance in appreciating the child to ensure the proper development of his mental faculties?

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    Small children are let free to do what they wish or desire. They are not stopped by parents. But it makes impudent, stubborn and mischievous. Sometimes, they create big nuisance in family but all their sass is tolerated because love and fondling. But it also observed when these children who are taken as spoilt grow up change into nice guys.

    Children should be encouraged to do practical to what they are taught. They should be appreciated for their good performance and healthy activities if they involve in any wrong activity which may harm them in the long run, should strictly be restricted from doing it.

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    That is true. Many children will feel happy if we appreciate the work they did. That will make them get motivated and do many such good works. But some parents scold them if they do anything wrong. But never appreciate them for their performance. That will have a negative effect on their performance level and they may not perform up to the mark.
    It is always better if we encourage children by appreciating their works. If we ask them to perform a work saying that they are capable of doing that, they will rise to the situation and perform well. We need not hesitate to encourage them.

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    A child is the keen observer and by virtue of this great trait they expect everybody should have attention on him or her and the way we pamper the child for every step of new thing in life, the child get to know that there are some to appreciate even small traits. We should not tease the child or the terrorize the child with dire consequences because they take into the heart and mind and they even become more stubborn towards us. Child has to be nurtured as a friend so that they can feel free to learn anything out of curiosity and the need
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    If we appreciate a child it would definitely feel happy. It is a natural human instinct that is generated since the childhood itself. At the same time we have to correct him when he does a mistake and not pamper him. In fact pampering will spoil him as he will not be ready to face the outside world. So, a balance approach will be the ideal thing in handling a child during the tender years.
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