Which Type of Hosting and Hosting Companies you use?

Have you used any type of hosting company? What was your experience on hosting services?
I personally used shared hosting, reseller hosting and cloud hosting.

We have available hosting Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

I believe shared hosting is the cheapest one and most widely used hosting service. Most newbie use this service to test and learn whether they can do business/blogging online or not

These days cloud hosting is also getting popular, because it offers dedicated resources like RAM, shared/dedicated cpu, bandwidth and storage. In popular hosting services these resources can be increased to 32 core cpu, hundreds of gb ram and storage.

VPS Hosting: This is dedicated resources and costly as compared to cloud hosting. Some times we need to attach CPanel or plesk etc at extra cost.

Reseller Hosting: This is the type of hosting we can sell to others from its admin area WHCMS. In this hosting we can sell hosting plans to other without their knowledge that we are not the hosting provider.

Dedicated Hosting: This is most powerful hosting thing you can get. ISC also get hosted on dedicated server. This type of server you can handle lot of traffic probably in many millions per month.