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    When It's so simple then why so difficult.

    If we look at the normal form then we find life is quite simple, like when we see in other's life, we find it very easy. Life is very simple if we believe that, there is a life that God has given us, we have to live that life, do every day good deeds, and perform our duties, it is very simple. But the same when we think that the relationship is very complex, someone is happy with us, someone is not happy with us or we are unhappy with someone, and not satisfied with what we have and weeping for what we could not find.

    There are many examples that we see around us every day, from which we understand that this life is not too difficult to live as much as we are thinking. Rather life is quite easy, perhaps we make it difficult to make our problems bigger. Now it is up to us whether we want to make life easier by living a peaceful life or to make life difficult by thinking about meaningless things.
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    For that matter life is either simple or difficult but different. For every one the life wants to different and not the routine one and thus for them life is easy and going.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life is simple or complex depends on individual's outlook. I know life is beautiful, life is amazing. This beautiful life may be changed into an ugly reality, by our hands or by others or by circumstances. How we spend our life depends on us. If our aim is to earn money beyond our imagination then be sure, peace in life is only a dream which can never come true. However, affluence in wealth guarantees of luxurious life and such a person is engrossed in this environment that he forgets what is good or what is bad. He weighs everything in the balance of wealth.
    Some people are poor but they have no peace in life, reason is that they long for having chunk of money and for this greed they lose their peace of mind. But someone who is satisfied to what he has got has peace of mind. It does not mean that he doesn't try to uplift his status or living standard, point is that he is not greedy to have money by hook or by crook. He wants to have money but not at the expense of his conscience and self respect. He is a happy person.

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    Life is a mysterious journey travelled by us in dreams and aspirations and the journey becomes a difficult one when our ambitions are not achieved. Theoretically, everything in life is so simple and straightforward but when it comes to practical aspects things seem totally different. When we teach our child the dignity of work the child agrees fully but when we ask him or her to do a piece of work he or she simply will resist and even refuse to do it on some excuse. The interesting thing is that we have taught them the dignity of work but they have learned how to make excuses. Due to all these paradoxes in our lives the life becomes more and more difficult day by day and when we look back we simply sometimes find and ponder that so many years have gone just a waste and there is no hope for the future. That type of thinking makes life further unbearable and negative thoughts start occupying ones mind. So, life might appear so simple superficially but there is more to be seen underneath.
    Knowledge is power.

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    All depends on how you look at life. For me, a problem looks simple but the same problem will be a big problem for the other person. I have financial freedom and I can spend money to solve the problem. But the other person may not be having financial freedom and for him spending money is very difficult. We can't say it is simple and that is hard. It is a relative problem.
    Again the mentality of the individual also makes a lot of difference. If I see in a microscope small issues will also appear as big. Many times some people worry a lot considering small problems also big.

    always confident

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    Every person has a different perspective of the life. Some consider it very tough and challenging while some take it lightly. Whatever it may be, life is not an easy journey as many challenges and problems will crop up time to time and may discourage us for further struggle. Things may appear simple and straight forward but when we start to attend and mitigate them then we realise their complexity.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If our thought process is simple understanding the real problem with which we are facing, solution is not too far. It can be resolved amicably with our thought process. It is our own perspectives making our problems easier but the same thing does not hold good for others. Life definitely becomes difficult if we would like to see our problems with their perspectives. The best recourse is to believe in our potentials and should take advantage of our own experiences earned so far and proceed for the next assignment with the blessing of God. You are sure to achieve success. It sometimes becomes difficult to manage your work if you see the same in the eyes of others.

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