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    Would remote jobs become a preferred working system in India

    It has completed a year when covid -19 struck the world and people restricted their movement in their home. Maintaining social distance from each other became mandatory due to coronavirus which consumed many million lives in the world. All business establishments were shut which affected the economy in the world. Employees were not able to move to the offices for work, therefore, many companies allowed work from home option for its employees.
    But now when the situation is returning on track and people have started to return to their work, can work from home be a normal thing. Although such an option is available in many companies. Would companies in India offer more remote jobs? Is it fine to work remotely? How would you like to elaborate this to add more details to this topic?
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    Remote working was already there in some specific areas and the pandemic made is more sturdy but when the virus retreats away and normalcy comes many things will come back to normal way of working that is working at the workplace. There are many work streams where workplace is required. Doing a science practical in laboratory is definitely more satisfying and good learning experience than seeing a video on it remotely. There are many areas where remote working is simply not advisable because of the practical components associated with that task or project for example in a construction activity. Only in a few areas, probably the remote wiring would continue or it is also possible that organisations and companies go for a mix of that by calling the employees only a limited days in office. The pandemic has taught the people many things about the prospects of remote working and companies would definitely take that mileage in their work.
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    Actually what I came to know from the IT professionals working from home options that they are putting more working hours in the absence of controllable team work in coordination and thus they want to return to their tables at the office so that the work hours would be fixed and not extended While at home they are unable to look after the children online classes and thus many feel that WFH is not the right option to continue further. Moreover some companies which want to revive from June this year through their office, has now pre=poned and want to open early as the cases have come down and vaccination would begin sooner or later.
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    There are some jobs where online or remote working is possible. But it may not be useful in all sort of jobs where physical presence is necessary. So, I do not think that online is going to be a preferred mode. At the same time it is also true that some people who due to some personal problem or engagement may opt the online mode if it is allowed by them by their organisation and once the personal problem is solved then they would prefer to attend the office environment. Once the corona virus retreats then many people will like to go back to the office environment.
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