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    Is complete privatization is the perfect solution to raise Indian economy?

    Indian government at present moving towards 100% privatization of all government organizations to raise our economy. There are no exceptions to this for those organizations like LIC that run and earn large tax income get disinvested. Opposition parties strongly condemning this type of public disinvestment and saying it is only to feed few corporates. For example, Anil Ambani's company has no experience when they have a deal with RAFEL. CAG reports say without permission Anil Ambani's company drilling oil from Godavari and Gangavaram basins. There is a strong belief in the public that Ambani's organizations mainly run on public money rather than their own investment. Adani company were given 6 Air Ports management recently without any expertize for the company in that field. Niti Ayog report strongly condemned this act of government. According to the law, any company cannot be given more than two Air Ports management. Now Visaka Steel plant that earned a lot of income for the central government also on the list of privatization. Where the country will lead by this type of fake privatization finally?
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    The author has raised his concern about the privatisation of public sector units. If the government has decided to sell the country's assets then what the author or us can do. The government thinks that selling assets will improve the economy of the country then what is wrong in it. Nobody can do anything because people like BJP. People have given a clear majority to it in parliament. We are watching that BJP is spreading in States. It means that people like this party. If the author thinks that congress will come in power at the centre, I am sure it is almost impossible now in the present scenario. When they like this government then why we should be worried.
    People are happy about the privatisation of the public sector. It will improve the working efficiency of employees also. They will no more be government employees, so there will not be job security for them. It will alleviate the burden of huge salaries of government employees on government and thus government will work more freely and more efficiently.
    If the corporate will take over the public sector they will work more professionally. Bribery will come to an end. Only efficient and eligible candidates will be selected. Reservation of scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, other backwards caste and all other reservation categories will go in history. We will have a competitive working environment without any prejudice and nepotism. Red-taps will have no place in the corporate sector. When the economy will improve then we will be able to touch five trillion economy mark easily. The world is changing. Capitalism is taking place everywhere around the world then how our country can be like a backward country. We have to compete with all other rich countries. Soon, we will be among the best economy in the world.

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    I do not think India will embark on 100 percent privatization which may lead to whooping progress. Unfortunately we have chosen the mixed economy that means giving impetus to Agriculture and Industrial growth. Right from the first five year plan India has been giving push to both sectors alternatively and thus could sustain the development and today we are standing top on food grain produce and storage. But over the period of time the investment in Public sector units proved to be un productive and the officers controlling those units never felt the need to revive their lost glory and thus the marketing abilities of many public sector units suffered a huge loss and govt cannot nurture the sick units for years together and thus wants to get rid of some PSU ''s and this proves that loss making would go to the hands of private companies.
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    There are many dimensions to this issue. It is true that theoretically privatisation is the key to success but it cannot be applied in each case. For countries like India and China which have huge population it cannot be adopted because that would reduce the number of jobs miserably. If we recollect, earlier we had so many employees in the Govt sector that an official used to press a bell and some peon or service boy came and was asked to fetch water or tea. So that type of luxury we had in the Govt sector. I also remember that in banks if the peon did not take your cheque and did not move it from one table to other you had to wait hours for that. So that was a cosy situation for the employees but not for the customers. Today, there are perceptible changes in that because Govt departments are also thinking in terms of making profit. But the irony is that we have removed all low position jobs from Govt sector and giving these functions to outsourced companies. Any system which reduces number of jobs is not a welcome measure. If the privatisation brings in more job vacancies because of more production and manufacturing activities, then it is certainly a welcome move. Today in our country what we require is more number of low paid jobs and no high paid jobs. Top positions can only have moderately more salary. It is ridiculous to have salaries Rs 5000 to 8000 at the lower spectrum and Rs 60000 to 150000 on the higher side of spectrum. This is almost ten times difference. It is not acceptable from any logic.
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    Privatisation is the need of the hour. Arafatuzzafar has already mentioned about the benefits of privatisation. But the government should frame strict rules and regulations to punish the offenders. What is the use of keeping Visaka Steel Plant under government control? Employees are agitating because they will lose all the luxuries they are enjoying till today. What is benefit for the common people if Visaka Steel Plant is in Government's control? Nothing. Except some national security related industries, all the PSUs in India should be privatised.

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    What about the fraud type of privatization done by Mr.Modi for the benefit of their party but not for the country as mentioned in my thread. No one is talking about it. For example, the Visakhapatnam steel plant land costs lakhs of crores of rupees at present are going to be sold at few thousand crores.

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    Why are members raising the same topic in a different thread? And why are members responding to the parallel thread, having answered in the previous one?
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