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    Do you think that lots of incentives to farmers will encourage cultivation?

    India is a country where a majority of the people are dependent on farming. But as time progressed the land under cultivation as well as the number of farmers has been decreasing. The children of farmers are going for other careers as farming is not providing a proper livelihood for them. The losses through various natural calamities and other reasons are also discouraging the farmers from cultivation. So in future, the governments will have to give a lot of incentives through various means to encourage farming to avoid food scarcity in the near future. Do you agree with this?
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    Farmers are the backbone of our economy but they are not getting a good price for their produce. We are seeing it since last 72 years and whichever Govt comes in power the situation is more or less same. Some blame the middle men for this while some simply blame the Govt for this. When the governance is poor then these things actually happen. We all know that the governance in our country is very poor in all the sectors and that holds good for farming sector also. Now the present Govt is trying to make some changes which are believed to bring change in the situation and let us see the effect of these new farm laws after at least 1-2 years and then only their effectiveness can be judged. But it is very true that we have to encourage the farmers for continuing their work by giving them all sort of incentives. At present also they are getting many facilities and incentive but more we make them happy more they would remain clung to their work. When it comes to giving incentives, more is merrier.
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    Farmer is a sincere worker and he knows the priority and the commitments. What he needs is the right price for the right produce and nothing more than that. But over the period of time the majority of the farmers who are in debt trap due to poor crops are not able to come out and express their grievances and that lead to suicides and untold miseries. The farmers does not have the courage to fight for the rights and nor they cared by successive govts and thus it is the planners who must reach out and not farmers who must seek help everytime.
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    Almost 90% of Indian farmers have 2acres land. They are regarded as poor farmers who don't have sufficient income to survive. Farmers of Punjab and Haryana are considered as the richest farmers of the country. As we are aware that roughly monthly income of Punjab farmers is Rs 18000/- only. Even a housemaid would demand more or less this amount for working in your home, now you can consider how poor the situation of other farmers is. Farmers' financial condition will not be improved by rendering them incentives. They need concrete planning and the best way to improve their status is that they should be given profit when they sell crops. What they have spent on cultivation, first, it should be recovered and also their crops should be purchased with profit. As they claim that the cost of cultivation is also not recuperated by selling their crops. And debt which they borrow from money lenders or banks remains unpaid, and interest amount keeps on increasing. This situation pushes them into depression and many farmers commit suicide.

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    We can't help the farmers through any incentives. The best incentive would be for the government to purchase all the farm products directly from the farmers at a rate that benefits the farmers. And the government should sell the products to the consumers at a reasonable rate with a marginal profit to the government. There should be no middlemen involvement. Government should open up 'Government shops' in every nook and corner of our country. The government should also make transport arrangements. Nothing can be the best incentive to the farmers than this.
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    Sun made a good suggestion that the farm produce must be associated with the guarantee price and marketing for the farmer and that would be beneficial and there would not be losses.
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    As I have already mentioned in another thread, I suggest small farmers should come out of farming and look for other alternatives. Small farmers can never become rich with their meagre income. Incentives won't make them rich. All the small land holdings should be converted into large farms and cultivation needs to be done through mechanised way. There won't be any food insecurity in India even if small farmers don't do farming. Because India has highest cultivable land in the world and technology has got improved in agriculture sector and lot of urban people in India have started vertical farming and kitchen gardening, we may not see food shortage in India in future.

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    Farmer is the backbone of the country. Even today India is an agriculture-based country. So we should protect farmers and see that they will not get into losses. There are many ways to do that. Crop insurance will see that losses due to natural calamities will be compensated. Incentives will help them to have some financial support. Cooperative farming is another solution. Like this, we have many solutions.
    Depending on manual labour is making farming very costly. Mechanised ways of farming should be implemented. The governments should support small farmers by arranging the required facilities for obtaining mechanical equipment required.

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    Bhuvan your idea may not have takers because our farmers inherited the legacy from the fore fathers and they are not ready to shift from land to any other profession and more over our farmers are self trained on the farming and they cannot accommodate with other jobs. May be modern educated farmers children may shy away from the farming in future and that is going to be minimal or no.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mohan sir, I know it is a difficult proposition but what is the use in doing subsistence farming. People can never come out of poverty. We need to take some bold decisions. Farmers should educate their children even by selling their lands. The current generation may suffer a lot but the next generation can come out of poverty. Nowadays, there are lot of opportunities in online. In this Internet Era, if a person is educated properly, he need not to wait for someone to provide employment to him. He can create employment for himself.

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    @SuN: I appreciate your suggestion that the government should purchase crops of farmers directly and should sell it in the open market. But a separate department will have to be created for this business. Suggestion is excellent but not feasible.

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    Some times the state and central govt used to waive of farm loans and this process was started by Congress govt when Janardhan Pujary was Finance Minister and all farm loans waived. So some farmers were habituated to such type of bigger help whereas small largess given to them does not have effect at all. So when ever farmers need to be reached that should be whooping and not just help. One thing is sure that every successive govt need to keep the farmers happy and living otherwise we cannot claim national food security in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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