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    There is no other way to remain in the fray

    We are in an age of competition and tough job environment. Even the experienced professionals are not sure whether they will be able to survive in this fast changing technology scenario. Many of them are going to learn more skills and certain new things which normally they would not have preferred to go for in normal circumstances. There are new challenge coming as the obsolescence of old technologies is happening quickly and organisations and companies are not getting time to accommodate to these new challenges and only a few which are very dynamic in terms of manpower skill improvements and capable to cope up with changes are able to survive. In this complex and competitive scenario it has become a compulsion for the professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills. There is no other way to remain in the fray. What do the members think about this scene?
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    Acquiring academic qualification and additional knowledge has become the compulsion for the employees to survive the present jobs because companies wants inclusive performance from the same employees who are trusted and believed and they cannot take risk on new employees. For example in a office if the person knows the knowledge of accounts , front office and other related works, there is no question of losing the job as companies wants all rounder in each employee and not just confined to one seat and giving no further development. Such employees are need to be careful.
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    Adopting new technology is the need of the hour. A big burden falls on companies to keep their employees abreast of the latest technological advancement in the concerned industry. All professionals, especially, who are working as freelance should be aware of what is happening around them. Tough competition in the industry will make their modus operandi as out of dated if they don't change themselves by technological advancement. It is seen new technology is introduced in the market and industry, and people are also smart and knowledgable about what is changing in this world.
    But latest technology and introduction of new device, gadgets, technique or ways do not affect all industries, trade or profession, rather, it affects a limited working space. The larger part of the industrial sector is untouched with the latest advancement, however, the tertiary sector should keep on changing along with the introduction of the latest technology.

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    That is true. We have to get updated from time to time in the area of our working and get enriched with the latest technological developments. Then only we can stand fair chances in this competitive world. Your qualification and experience in a field may be useful to get a job. But getting on in the job depends on your skillset and coping up with the latest technological developments.
    The employees in the IT industry should be more concentrating on the developments that are taking place and learn those developments so that they will be always in the front line.

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    In todays world the organisations have to be very dynamic and ready to change with the changing technologies and customer inclinations. It is imperative that the professionals have to mould themselves by adopting to new ideas and learning new skills which can help their organisations survive in the new circumstances. The competition is very tough and to survive, new learnings are essential.
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    I agree with the you that young professionals or employees in any sector need to update their knowledge. But it's not possible that everyone can learn several skills simultaneously. However, the latest knowledge and skills which are required to his field should be updated.
    Some people can have proficiency in more than one skills in which they are equally expert.
    This thread reminds me about a teacher when I was studying in 6th class. He could play cricket, hockey, football, table tennis, volleyball, badminton and kabaddi equally well. He was a versatile person. During those days, students would call their teachers as "Guruji or Maas'saab" but he made all students of his school to call him- "Sir" Since then, gradually ,all teachers became "Sir".

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