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Love poetic stanzas? Quick - participate in the second part of our Cour Pairs' Tri-Series contest! Closing date - 15th February 2021.
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    Colour Pairs' Tri-Series Contest - 2: pen a poem

    Time to write an ode to a pair of colours in the second of the Colour Pairs' Tri-Series contest. Those who did not participate in the first part are welcome to participate in this one and will get points and/or cc for a valid entry, but will not be eligible to win the main prizes as announced in the first part.

    What you have to do: Write a poem on the colour pair Pink & Grey. The poem should be submitted in a response to this thread. You are permitted to make general corrections in English, typo, etc but do not change the poem that is initially submitted.

    1. The poem should be in English and a member can submit only one entry. No title is required.
    2. The colours can be used separately anywhere in the poem, but at least once must appear as a pair, as Pink & Grey or as Grey & Pink. The poem can also have other colours if it fits into the core theme of your poem.
    3. The colours can be in reference to, and include, anything at all, as long as it is decent, does not have communal tones and generally adheres to forum posting guidelines.
    4. The poem can be short or long, but no fewer than four lines and not more than 16 lines totally. You can break up the verses as you wish, such as two verses of eight lines each or four verses of four lines each or even one verse of five lines and another of two lines, etc.

    Closing time: Midnight (IST) of 15th February 2021.

    The rewards-
    Every valid entry will get points ranging from 8 to a maximum of 15. Cash credits from 5 to 15 may also be given to valid entries, based on quality.
  • #723094
    My entry for Colour Pairs' Tri-Series Contest - 2 is as under -

    The young and tender age,
    full of pink in our sight.
    Growing ahead with awe,
    Struggling day and night.

    The bright sunny spots,
    And the shadows along.
    We are galloping ahead,
    The journey is quite long.

    All is not good and bright,
    Grey areas are in the link.
    We have to move forward,
    Life is nothing but grey and pink.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #723136
    This is my entry for Colour Pairs' Tri-Series Contest - 2: pen a poem contest-

    Poem - "My beautiful granny."

    My granny is the most beautiful and lovely
    Always talking to me, smiling, and lovingly

    Her beauty tips are still, the best for me
    She still has a glowing face with gray hair.

    When I ask her, how you are so beautiful?
    She smiled and says, it is just natural.

    I always told her, she looks like my favorite doll
    A doll with having lips pink and gray hair

    My granny is my strength, even of my family
    We all love her too much and thank her heartily.

  • #723182
    I have penned a poem now.

    "It was a pleasant night
    The weather was fine
    I went into my thought
    To write a poem of mine

    I was told about Pink and Grey
    The colours I haven't used much
    What to do, I have to write to fetch
    Compulsorily on Pink and Grey.

    I thought of the colours
    That I can just recall here
    First came in mind VIBGYOR
    I didn't find my colours there

    Pink the colour of pleasant ladies
    Grey the colour of thorough gentlemen
    Pink and Grey make a perfect couple
    O'My God, I wrote a poem myself alone.

    No life without Sun

  • #723187
    My entry for Colour Pairs' Tri-Series Contest - 2 is :

    In journey of life pink is joy and grey is sorrow,
    Pink for today and grey for tomorrow.

    When I didn't get out,
    I thought only of these binary colour of life,
    I was happy with the pink,
    And no space for grey in my life.

    Then I exposed to the world, flew like a buttterfly,
    Flew here and there, high in the sky.
    I saw different flowers of different colours,
    Found that the world is full of colours.

    Things have changed with an eye blink,
    Life is not just grey and pink,
    Feeling relaxed, feeling awake,
    Realizing, life is a coloured mosaic.

  • #723190
    This is my entry for the Colour Pairs' Tri-Series Contest - 2: pen a poem contest -

    The morning starts with golden Sun,
    The grey backyard behind my house.
    The evening sets with pink light,
    Night falls in and fears arouse.

    The days pass on and years end,
    Life progresses ahead and we pray.
    Ups and downs, success and failures,
    Nothing but it is pink and grey.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #723229
    My entry for the contest-

    With a bit of grey romanticizing with his locks,
    He stood on the roadside waiting for a taxi.
    Many passed through but none did stop, till
    A pink taxi drove close to him and stopped.

    The beautiful driver, a lady with a few grey hairs too
    Pulled down the glass and asked, 'Where to sir?'
    'To Park Street, ma'am', he replied and waited for her nod
    'Please get in sir, I will drop you right there', she said with a smile.

    She drove with grace, as graceful as she looked
    She drove with the same ease as she spoke.
    'I am new to this place,' said the man
    And the conversation continued till the destination.

    As he alighted, she came out and shook his hands,
    He stood on the roadside and a smile covered his face,
    He realized being struck by the pink and grey combination
    He smiled again; he had the taxi number in his mind.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

  • #723233
    With grey hairs dripping over the face,
    With wrinkles all around the surface,
    Looking around at all the hanging chart
    And tension and prayer in their heart.

    With joy, they looked as the door opened,
    Arrived the apple of everybody's eye with a love token,
    Covered in pink, a loud cry, and love to share,
    They welcomed their little princess with utmost care.

    Grandpa took the baby in his hand,
    The love blossomed as his eye scanned,
    The wrapping of the love of grey on pink,
    That's the beauty of this sync.

    Never forget the truth that grey and pink are the two shades,
    One with experience and the other with competence,
    It's the bitter truth of life on this earth,
    While the grey slowly fades, the pink accelerate on their journey called life!

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #723240
    This is my entry for the Colour Pairs' Tri-Series Contest - 2: pen a poem contest -

    Life is the mixture of colour,
    Pink is the rose and grey is the cloud,
    The pink colour is for love and compassion,
    Grey is the colour of intellect and wisdom.

    Pink is the heart that
    Keeps us our body alive.
    Grey is my tired mom's hair
    That gives us love and affection.

    [Invalid entry]

  • #723241
    My simple contribution: Poem: The beauty of dawn.

    Everyone loves beautiful endings,
    But I prefer a beautiful beginning,
    Beginning of a beautiful day,
    A beginning that is crafted with pink and grey.

    The first ray of hope,
    Brings sunshine and zeal to cope,
    In the soothing music of wind we find,
    The balance to calm our tussling mind.

    The birds chirping in gay,
    Ah what a start to a day,
    The vibrant sky full of art,
    That's the beauty of a new start,

    The beauty of dawn has a message to say,
    Every dark night has a brighter day,
    Every problem will find its own way,
    Be calm and positively start your day.

    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

  • #723246
    My entry:

    Life is a binary system.
    Happy and sorrow, sweet and sour
    Dark and light. Smile and cry
    Nothing is permanent. May be coming and going

    Life will have memorable events
    unforgettable difficulties also
    Many successes and many failures
    Maybe like pink & grey patches

    Do what you have to do.
    Don't expect the outcome.
    Practice taking them alike
    You will have peace of mind.

    Due will come to you
    Pink or Grey makes no difference

    always confident

  • #723326
    Here goes my entry:

    The brand new year whispered in my ear,
    'What's your plan today?
    The sun is out to clear your doubt
    Why you look so dull and grey'?

    'A hopeless mind can never dream
    It loses the power to think,
    The time has come to turn around,
    To coat your mind in pink'.

    I thought for a while and tried to smile,
    Couldn't, as I was in dismay
    Is there a shade playing inside my mind?
    Can it be pink and grey?

    The colours of the mind can never be seen
    The face may be just its reflection,
    A year comes and another goes
    The mind is paying attention.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

  • #723352
    My entry:

    A family of four,
    A father, mother, son and daughter,
    Plans to renovate their house,
    Alas! choice of colour becomes a matter of grouse.

    With all the 'ifs' and 'buts',
    The son adamantly opts for the sombre grey,
    While the baby pink is the daughter's ultimate say,
    How to coordinate colours is a puzzle for the parents.

    Repeated thinking gives them a solution,
    Ultimately they finalise the colour scheme for their bedroom,
    It has to be pink and grey with no other option,
    Cos they love both their children a volume.

    Parents then discuss with their progeny,
    The colour sequence of drawing cum dining and a balcony,
    All agree on geometrical designs in grey and pink,
    Finally, the family is in total sync.


  • #723559
    Valid entries have been awarded the points and cash credits as per the decision of the jury panel. Note that we have given fewer than five cc as per our discussions. Out of the 20 participants of Round-1, eight did not participate in this one and hence will not be eligible for the bumper prizes.

    Let us know if anyone's entry got missed out since we inadvertently overlooked giving the points and cc to Saji's entry in the first round of the photo-caption contest, otherwise you are requested not to raise a separate thread about the decision.

    A point to note: it would have been good to have uniqueness and not just pick up cues from already submitted entries. There were quite a few similar themes in the entries.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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