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    Banks are not bracing up to online payments and customers needs

    Having become compulsion for booking many things through the online, the UPI through the payments are made are deducted immediately from the customer paying account but not credited to the sellers account immediately thereby the ordered items are kept pending or sold out raising the issues with buyer and seller. It seems the banks are not addressing this glitch and in future it would be more crowded on this issue and banks have to brace up. Did you face any such issues , if yes please narrate here.
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    No. Never. I did not face any such online payment problem so far. The response from both the supplier and the bank is very quick, and also the refund if any. I am quite happy with the system. Whenever the bank asks for remarks/comments, after the transaction, I used to write 'Excellent' and mark 5 stars. I am using ICICI and Canara Banks with Amazon, Flipkart, IRCTC, BSNL, Vodafone through Paytm and Phone Pe.
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    I am talking about SBI, Union Bank and other banks.
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    I never faced any such problem so far. I use mainly HDFC,. ICICI and SBI for these transactions. I do the transaction immediately it is getting credited into the account of the seller. Sometimes, it may take an hour for that and that is the maximum. When we purchase any item and pay by BHIM or any other mobile banking apps the amounts are getting deposited immediately. otherwise, they will not allow us to take the material. Even the payments we make to amazon or Flipkart are also getting deposited immediately in my transactions and I have not received any complaint.
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    One of my friend who booked a saree and online as the amount deducted immediately but seller has not got and the bank returned amount after72 hours.
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    You should have clearly mentioned in your message about the banks you have problems. There was no mention of SBI, Union Bank, and other banks. What do you mean by Other banks? Please take some time to think and post before you press submit button.
    Even I have an account with SBI, Syndicate Bank, TMB bank. I never faced any problem with these banks.
    We should be thankful to the supplier and the banks that the amount gets refunded after few days, and we are not at loss.

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    We are not experiencing any such problem right now and sometimes some payments were erroneously done but the amount was credited back in 2-3 days time. So, the UPI payments seem to more sturdier than the debit card ones in many respect.
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    Yes just yesterday I had faced such an issue.I was using BHIM app. I was trying a transfer to a particular account. The amount was debited to my account.But the transaction showed red and failed. I could not verify with the beneficiary as it was a large organisation and my amount was a small donation. So I am waiting to se if the money gets refunded.

    But this I feel not the problem of the bank, but as the problem in connectivity or server of the app.

    A monh back also similar thing happened. Then I could contact the beneficiary as I had the contact details. But somehow after a day the amount was duly credited to the beneficiary.

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