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    Wouldn't the decision to demolish old vehicles adverse the common man and the poor?

    There are many taxi drivers and autorickshaw drivers in the country who drive old vehicles to support their families. The decision of the Union Budget 2021 to demolish old vehicles will make it very difficult for all of them. What will they do if the old vehicles are not able to land on the road?
    They can't afford to buy a new vehicle because they don't have the money.

    It is advisable to demolish old vehicles to reduce air pollution in our country. The government says the policy is aimed at reducing air pollution. But it is doubtful whether this is to promote the vehicle industry in India.
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    In the interest of the environment protection, it is good to stop the running of the old vehicle as per the decided norm. To protect the interest of the poor people, the government can arrange for loans from the banks at a low rate of interest and some subsidy from the government will be of great help to them. If sales of these vehicles increase, the production will also improve which will give good chances for employment. Thus we can have more jobs.
    I think the vehicles which are not falling within the accepted levels of pollution emissions is a good decision only.

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    There should be a thorough and complete fitness check after 20 years. Bribing and getting a vehicle fitness certificate should be discouraged and strictly monitored. RTOs should be very strict in this aspect. If the vehicle fails to meet the requirement, that should be scrapped without any mercy.

    I think 20 years for a taxi or auto is sufficient. As rightly suggested, vehicle loans should be provided to the people who earn their bread through driving vehicles for passenger conveyance.

    All goods carrying vehicles and big automobile vehicles should be scrapped after 15 years, compulsorily, as most diesel-run vehicles create pollution.

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    On the one hand we want to have free environment without pollution and old vehicles emanate toxic waste through hind pipe and thus the govt wants to get rid of old vehicles more than 15 years. That means new orders would be forthcoming for the new vehicles and there would be heavy demand in two wheeler and four wheeler are to be replaced and the new vehicles including the battery vehicles would be purchased as the future fuel prices is to touch one hundred rupees soon. In future also the vehicles need to be replaced after some years.
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    Many private vehicle owner runs very less and hence these vehicle can run many decades. On the other hand drivers and other vehicle run many lakh km in 5-7 years.

    So, Vehicle shouldn't be scraped on the basis of years but the actual condition of vehicle.

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    It would be a welcome move to many of the riders of the bikes, but considering the purchasing capacity of some of the taxi owners and other vechile drivers, it would not please them since they cannot afford a loan for having a new models. Some vechiles would pass pollution tests and other fitness parameters and even such vechiles were not used regularly for driving. Though the same was purchased a long back necessitating scrapping the models, it could ruin such owners whose side business was to earn their livelihood with such a model of vechile.
    It would be definitely a good news for the manufacturers of different versions of cars, vechiles and bikes to promote the sales of the new versions.

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    I think condition of the vehicle should be a criterion instead of 20 years deadline. It will definitely create big problems for taxi drivers and auto rickshaw owners. How they have to mange to buy new vehicles should be a big issue for them. I think if government facilitates them to have a loan from specific banks on least interest rate, it will solve their problems.
    Some of us may doubt the intention of the government that it is promoting vehicles manufacturing companies but reality should not be overlooked. Old vehicles create pollution which is harmful for human health as well as environment. So decision of government is not bad at all.

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    Whenever Govt wants to do something for the overall welfare of the people and society then these questions of increasing unemployment etc come on the forefront. The fact is if we want to implement some rule for betterment of environment then that decision is to be taken firmly and then only it will be practically implemented. An old vehicle in a bad condition emitting hazardous gases has to be stopped plying on the roads. The Govt may consider giving loan to the affected people like poor rickshaw drivers and other drivers and that might ease up the situation.
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