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    Is the tolerence level low with younger generation

    When we observe, it is seen that the tolerance level is very less in the younger generation and they lose their patience very soon. When we compare with elders, they always displayed high level of patience and tolerance.
    Do you also feel the same? What would be the reason for losing the patience soon and being less tolerant?
    Is it due to the heavy workload and being in neutral family not getting enough help and support?
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    My experience is somewhat different. We can't say all the younger generation persons are not having patience. In the same way, there are elders who have a short temper and get angry easily. All depends on the nature of the individual. My sons are having a high level of patience whereas my patience level is very less and my father's patience level is still lesser.
    My mother's father was having very good patience. He used to take everything very cool. He never used to shout on anybody and used to maintain silence always. As a school teacher, he used to manage children very nicely without any short temper.

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    In my experience, I do not think that there is any special effect of generation for being patient or tolerant, but it depends on the nature of the person. It cannot always be said that a particular person is tolerant or not tolerant of another, that it depends on the situation which is being made in front of the person at that time. Patience is a quality that if a person is having, then surely a difficult time in his life will pass easily. But this will not mean that patience is decreasing in the upcoming generation.
    One thing that is understandable is that nowadays parents can try their best to provide maximum comfort to their children so that the struggle that the parents have done in their life does not have to be fought by their children. Due to this thinking, many times inadvertently but the parents themselves reduce the patience and tolerance of their children.

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    I partially agree with the author. Tolerance in a person depends on how he or she is brought up by his/her parents. I have seen people of younger generation too who are patient and are understanding. Yes younger generation is little bit intolerant that's because of the completion . Lots of completions in every field has made them like so. I remember in our childhood we used to listen to our parents and used to obey them even then they are wrong but not now a days as these days they don't ask little things from their parents but rely on Google or their friends.

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    I do agree that the tolerance level of the young ones are very low and they get into anger very easily as if they are waiting for the opportunity. Only two days back one boy has hit the car of a elderly person and the car was damaged. The boy not even stopped but over powered by the onlookers he was caught and asked to pay money for the damage done. But the elder person was so magnanimous and does not want to bother the boy. However the boy was seen arguing to the crowd that it was the mistake of the elder and he need not give money. Meanwhile the police came and took the boy into custody. The boy was seen gesturing the elder person that he would search for his house and would beat him black and blue. This anger was uncalled for as the elder person already pardoned and it was public which demanded the cost.
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    I would say the present situation is such that the general public has become somewhat intolerant. They cannot wait even for a while. From the problem in network connectivity to the late arrival of public transport, the frustration is visible on their face. At times they are seen abusing others in such a way as if others are responsible for the situation. Life is very fast compared to previous generations and every now and then we get to know the corrupt practices of some officials and politicians. This has created a lot of anger in the minds of people and this anger is mostly towards the authorities managing various sections of society. However corrupt the police officer or the public representative in your locality may be, you cannot directly meet and abuse them. So, we express our frustration on people whom we consider weaker compare to ourselves. This frustration is giving rise to intolerance and the more frustrated we are more will be the intolerance.

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    Generally, in young age, people are intolerant as that is the age of getting mature and age of continuous learning. But it is not a new thing. Since time immortal, this thing was there and every generation has witnessed this. The patience builds up with age when people struggle for career and get experience and maturity. Even after that few of us will have the required tolerance level.
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    Intolerance in some young people can be seen only due to their family environment. The family atmosphere plays a dominant role in shaping the youngsters. If they observe peace and tranquility in their family life, they would follow the same trend. Any aggressiveness seen in their families would influence their temperament. However, in the long run, people having patience gain respect in the societies and hence it would better to amend our temperament if there is the element of aggressiveness in our behaviour.

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    The tolerance level in almost all people is decreasing nowadays. It is not only the young people but the grown ups are also there who are showing lack of tolerance wherever they are working or are involved in a work. It is said that due to stress of the modern life and career blues people have generally becoming intolerant to others especially when even a small matter of conflict comes in between.
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    I am not convinced with the writer that the tolerance level low with the younger generation as I have seen many elders losing their patience over small and petty matters. It is just the time, the set of mind at that point, the stress level, the environment, the other circumstances that make people impatient and intolerable. There are many elders who can make you relax and convey their thoughts and this is the case with many youngsters. On the other hand, there are many youngsters and elders who lose their cool and throw tantrums. Earlier, we use to have a joint family, everyone around to share, had friendly nature, brotherhood, etc but now, it's just privacy, stress, bossiness, etc and even life is fast compared to olden times. It is the actual, the time, the social media, politics, etc that is infusing anger, division, and restlessness in people that is seen in many situations, and it's not just by youngsters but even elders.
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