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    How about checking our contributions in ISC once in a while?

    Do you ever find time to go through some of your old posts? Have you found such revisions to be productive? Do such revisions help you to improve your writing and to come up with more creative and unique ideas and posts? Please share your experiences and views in this connection here.

    I logged into ISC after a very long time and I was just going through my contributions made in the past. I read many threads and answers that I posted and was very happy to see my contribution. It was really very motivating for me to write more. Also, I had few thoughts which I was thinking of discussing and found that I had already discussed or answered to similar ones.

    I think looking back to our contributions once in a while is really good to understand and write more and also to be motivated. We can also avoid any duplicate thread by us on similar topics.
    Though we might not be able to go through our entire journey from the beginning but even from a certain duration can be helpful.

    Do you also look into your past write-ups if you get time or have you have checked them in the past? Can our previous contributions be effective in improving our writing now and inspire and help us to create more valuable posts?

    Do share your views.
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    Yes our previous contribution here helps us to improve our participation. I do check my threads and responses and edit them whenever I find some grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes.

    Yes sometimes when I am about to start a topic I cross verify if I have not started the topic in the past.

    I do go through the q/a sections to analyse where I went wrong and have not been awarded the cash as per others. It makes me analyse my writeups and helps me to improve myself in the future.


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    I do agree that by going to our old posts we do get connected to those threads for which we would have gone through the thought process or shared some personal experience. And how we used the words so simply and yet gave the impressive replies is to be appreciated and pondered over. One thing is sure self assessment is the best way to improve ourselves and by visiting our old posts we give a chance to improve ourselves and also come across those members who were active then and not present now.
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    Sometimes it is very useful to go back and see our contributions and we can find out the format and the presentation which was approved and was also awarded a higher score. In my case as I am mush active in Ask Experts section, I have to usually go back to some of my earlier answers which are related to the present query. That helps me to revise those things and use in the present situation. Referring to our past contributions is sometimes essential as you cannot start from scratch every time. Sometimes just for fun also we want to go back and see how our writings got improved with time.
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    Yes. I do get back to my good old past threads and articles, question and answers, and wonder about them. I raise a question in my mind "Did I write this article? Did I raise this thread? Did I post this response? All my past writings makes me to feel happy, and encourages me to write more and more. Whenever I get an opportunity, I don't fail to link them when it fits into the topic I post or respond.
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    Yes, I also visit my contribution to ISC and read others work as well. But going through your own writeups gives you a sense of satisfaction and encourages you to write more and improve where you feel necessary. Reading old previous work helps a lot to observe our performance and allow us to analyse where we stand as writers.
    I think everyone should move back to some previous work and look for the rewards that you have achieved on ISC also lifts your soul and fills you with energy to write more!

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    No, I don't see my past write-ups. However, sometimes, I go through any specific thread or post I shared but technically, I never turn old pages. Mostly, I reply online but sometimes, I type on clipboard or notepad. Even I don't keep my posts on my mobile also, after sharing my content I immediately delete it from my mobile too. What is the point in going into the past? It may be logical for some users but I don't find any logic behind it.
    As far as improvement in writing skills is concerned when we keep on writing our skills are improved effortlessly. I, often, see similar threads are repeated again and again with new titles and mostly, we repeat quite similar replies with old wine in a new bottle.

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    By the way, I have taken membership on ISC shortly before, so I have not had much time, but even when I look at my previous contribution, I also understand the improvement in myself. When I started giving my contribution at the initial level in ISC, at that time I did not even know that in a short time I would get to learn so much. ISC is indeed a platform that not only gives us cash rewards and other awards along with our contribution but also helps us to enhance our skills and our thinking more positively. I have not yet found any better platform than ISC where you refine yourself with the principle of earning with learning.

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    While responding to some threads or discussions, I may remember or vaguely remember something I had written about or related to the subject . So I make reference in the archives and try to locate the post. Mostly I get them and if needed quote them in the relevant context. Sometime my search may fail as I would not have recalled the correct keyword.

    Otherwise for the sake of checking back my own posts or contributions, I do not do that.
    As far as I am concerned, though my views and stands may be mostly consistent, my language may not be so. Even if I rewrite this post after ten minutes deleting this in full, my words and sentences may not be same though the core content may be same.

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    I am of the view that going back to our previous contributions does help. Firstly it helps us to know our present position, that is, whether we are still where we started or whether we have improved, whether our language is better and our writing is more confident, whether we are able to conceive better ideas and communicate them more interestingly and so on. Secondly, it does motivate us or at least renews our interest to post more content. Another point is that we may feel excited by reading some of our old submissions and may even feel surprised that it was we who could put across the idea so beautifully. So, checking our old submissions can surely be helpful in many ways because contributing to ISC being a continuous process, there is always a scope for improvement and for that, self-assessment can be a guiding factor.
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    Definitely, they will be helpful. We can review once in a while some of our old writings. That will help us to understand what are the mistakes we did earlier. At the same time that will help us to know whether there is any improvement in our writings. What are the responses for our threads and how the other members liked our contributions. Is there anything we can learn from those writings? All these can be understood by doing this.
    Another point to be mentioned is the relevance of the present posts to earlier posts also will be known. In many ways, it will be useful and helpful only. It will help us to create internal links if required in our new posts also.

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