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    How often do you change your mobile?

    I have seen many people that they are very used to spending money on mobile or other technology, and some people keep buying new mobiles within a few months. The lifestyle of these people is something like this, bought a mobile, used it for a maximum of 6 months, and then started looking for buying a new mobile. It is good to stay updated and the hobby of new mobiles to some extent but spending too much money in this way is not appropriate at all. Mobile or any technology keeps updating from time to time, but it does not mean that we should buy new mobile every time to stay updated or to show off.

    As far as I am concerned, I think one should use one mobile at least for 3 to 5 years. if there is no technical issue in it, and that is why think a lot before buying any mobile. What do you think, how often do you change your mobile?
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    I feel lost to understand as to people are changing the mobile even citing small repairs and that lead to choosing of new models under buy back scheme which offers pittance. I am of the view that India is being targeted by foreign brands either with camera enhanced quality and image improvement quality to which our youth fall prey as they keep on clicking the selfies and loading on social media. One cell phone is fit to be used for at least three years provided it is maintained and used well as per the norms prescribed. Normally we are not cleaning the phones through bad soft wares and malwares which affect the functioning and we feel the phone has gone out of order for ever and think of changing it. I am using my mobile for the past three years and it is good and suiting to mu requirements so far and that is enough.
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    We are living in the modern age of use and throw. Those who can afford it suits well also. The problem is that the technology is going towards nano culture and repairs are becoming difficult so people just throw the defective gadget and go for a new one. Same thing is happening with a mobile. In my opinion a mobile should work for at least 5-6 years but people are changing it almost every year. There are other compulsions also. Fo example I had a very good metal body costly mobile which was very good but after 1 year its battery went dead and when I tried to get a new battery I came to know that it is not available anywhere, even in Amazon, and I had to discard it. Only because of the battery which might had costed me Rs 600 or so I had to throw it. We have some good mobile repair mechanic in our area and I asked them whether they can take two wires out from this mobile so that I can connect it with a source of 4.5 volt or eliminator, like we used to do in our old transistor radios, and run as a home held device in place of a mobile device. He simply smiled and told me that he had tried it earlier but due to the design of the mobile and other technical considerations it was not possible.
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    It all depends on age, money, necessity. This trend or habit is mostly seen in rich young guys. It is a matter of prestige for them. Having the latest mobile exhibits their status in their friend circle. It is not confined to the latest gadgets even they buy new bikes or cars which are introduced in the market.
    I think we should use the available gadget as long as it works properly. When it starts creating problems we can replace it. There is nothing wrong with this situation. I used my Nokia x201 for almost ten years. Now I am using a Samsung J7 and it is working well. I don't sell my mobiles. I have almost ten mobiles lying in the junk. I find an emotional touch with these things this is why I don't sell them.

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    I do not use my mobile much as I am not habitual of making long and chat calls with relatives and friends and that might be the reason that I am using my old phone for quite some time. Now the phone is giving some problems like weak battery and as the original battery is not available the shopkeepers are telling me to throw that and buy a new one. I was once just calculating one day that many people use a new phone only for at the most 2 years and that way it comes to a good Rs 400 to 600 per month expenditure which is from the perspective of a housewife on a higher side. But this is the trend in the society now and we have to follow the suit if we can afford it.
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    You stated, "I have almost ten mobiles lying in the junk." Are they totally junk in the sense not functional at all? Those of you who have smartphones that can be used but you are not using them, kindly think of donating them to students of low-income families who would be grateful to have them for their online classes. You can inquire with locals and NGOs. Otherwise, dispose them off safely at the nearest e-waste collection centre.

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    Swati - a word of advice. You sometimes bring up threads that have already been discussed in great detail earlier. Kindly use the search box to avoid the same repeat topics.
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    In my house, we are 6 members and all of us are using mobiles. Different members have different practices. We use a phone for a minimum period of 2 years. My wife uses it for a maximum period. She changed her phone 4 years back and still, she is using this. I changed one year back and the phone is in good condition and may go for another year. Generally, we will not change for silly reasons.
    The old phones are being given to my driver and the servant-maid who works in our house. My elder daughter in law works for an NGO. They donate an old phone to needy. She arranged phones through that NGO for 4 or 5 students.
    Purchasing new phones very frequently is a heavy expenditure which goes unnoticed. It is not advisable to waste for such waste expenditure.

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