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    Knowledge of language only does not make you a good speaker.

    If we talk about ISC then we all know that all of us authors here are from different regions of India and all know their respective regional languages. We also know that English is the only language that connects all of us. Therefore, I also respect the English language.

    In today's time, English is a language whose demand is highest everywhere. Due to being an international language and easy to learn, it is also spoken in all places. Some people feel that if they learn English, then they will be able to prove themselves as good speakers everywhere.

    But is it enough to know only the language? Knowledge of language means knowledge of its words and knowledge of the grammar. But this knowledge cannot make us a good speaker.

    I think the speaker is the one who knows the way to take his words to another. And in this process, language is only a medium, not a complete path. Therefore, just having linguistic knowledge does not mean that we should give up efforts to become good speakers.
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    It is the fact that those who know the knowledge of a particular language cannot claim the proficiency. For example I have interacted with the children of those who returned from America and found that they are not following any grammar and their accent is different and yet to claim talking superlative English. One more funny thing is that they are not habituated to writing part of English and thus if we ask them to write few sentences they are ignorant of the same and I feel our way of teaching English is good because every thing is followed. grammar is the must and the way the children are taught the ethics through the language need to be appreciated. And those children are good at talking but I fear they cannot give a good speech because they lack the very lessons of learning and therefore what the author said is right.
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    For a good speaker two things are required. First is the orating command over a language. The words, the vocabulary, and the sentences which are like the beads of a big garland connecting with each other so nicely and so magnificently. Other thing is knowledge and knowhow on a subject. If these two things are there the speaker can definitely impress the audience. Let me make an example. If a person is going to deliver a lecture on garbage recycling then he can very well impress the people about talking all about its necessity and requirement in our lives as that would make the places clean and generate secondary products but unless he tells some ways and techniques in which it can be done, no one will be interested in it. In Bangalore, a few years back a NGO started to make paper from the flower waste which is accumulated in the temples. The project did well as there was technical know how that was required to carry out that transformation. So, any speaker should have some detailed knowledge about the topic if he really wants to make a spectacular effect on the public otherwise people will just sleep during the long speech where there is no essence but good and happy talks about the future.
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    I don't think that a knowledge of a langauge makes a person a good speaker. One has to have a good knowledge about the topic to be a good speaker, command over a language only helps a person to present his/her opinion.

    I agree English is an international language and the people who have a good knowledge of the same are considered better than those who don't have. In the job interviews also people who don't have good knowledge of spoken English are not preferred for the job. But in many cases even if the person doesn't have a good English knowledge they are preferred as sometimes it is not required for the job like in production it's not required we just require knowledge of a local language by which we can explain or discuss with the workers about the work. It's an illusion that people who have good knowledge of English are good speaker , they should have the knowledge too.


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    A language is a mean of expression of thoughts and interacts with people. The author is right while saying that all of us come from different parts of the country. I don't know south Indian languages, even a single word is not known to me but on this platform which is working as a bridge to unite all Indians to speak in a common language- English. I appreciate ISC for this great service.
    English is widely spoken and understood around the world. Merely learning a language is not enough, rather, choosing the correct word is important. In an interview, late Hindi movie actor Shashi Kapoor opined, "I used to speak English fluently and I thought it was the best way to speak but when I visited England, there I realised merely speaking fluently is not good English. "

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    A language is a medium in which a person or speaker expresses his views or ideas and shares them with the audience. So language is definitely an important part but the main thing is the content that he is delivering and a combination of both the factors can make a good and impressive speech which can motivate and encourage people to think or to adopt the ideas or follow them as mentioned by the speaker.
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    A good speaker should have a good vocabulary in the language he is using to speak. If you want to speak in English you should have good word power so that you can speak well. Writing is something different from speaking. You can change the word after writing also. But you can not correct the spoken word. Another point is the subject matter. How strong you are in the subject about what you have to speak. One should be able to make a statement about the subject and you should be able to substantiate that. That will make your talk attractive. Oratory skills based on the level of the audience sitting there you should be able to add some examples and other points so that that will make a mark on the listeners. Once you have good subject knowledge, oratory skills and good language skills definitely your talk will be very attractive and make you a good speaker.
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    It is absolutely necessary to have the good vocabulary of the language being spoken so that we can touch the most of the points needed to be incorporated. Lack of competence in a language will make him unable to represent the statements with the essential inputs to make the content effective. In other cases if one is technical expert in one's area,one can use the local language to explain the technical facts. In such a situation, the familiarity of English language would not be that much important rather one should have the capability of putting forth the ideas in ones local language. This would not diminish the technical expertise of the subject.

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    As mentioned in the post by the writer, having a good command of the language does not make anyone a good speaker. Here, I don't mean only the English language but even the regional language. Even if you have command over your regional language but not able to prove your point to others, it is of no use. There are many speakers who are bad in their language but are good speakers as they are able to pull the crowd towards them by their interactive skills, knowing how to present his/their point, keeping eye contact, knowing the mood, the crowd, their sentiments, their acceptance to a topic or point, etc. When a speaker knows these skills, the language is not a problem and is able to catch the attention of the crowd and is able to convey his/her thoughts easily. Good command of language is helpful but only when every listener is of that level or range but when you have a mixed crowd, it is always good to keep on changing the language, tone, vocabulary, slang, etc so that you are listened to by everyone.
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